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Not affect the office market, property market regulation

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Rents up 15% over the beginning of next year's insurance funds into the property market will be large-scale Yesterday, DTZ Debenham Tie Leung released in 2010 Shanghai Real Estate Market Review and 2011 Outlook: While this year to implement the most stringent market regulation policy, but office and industrial real estate market less affected, particularly office rents still rising by 15%. In addition, concern is yet to make significant inroads into the insurance fund this year, the property market, insurance funds next year will be the main buyers of bulk market. Office: Outer Ring were active rural According to statistics, as of early December, the city's Shanghai office in 2010 sales volume of about 130 million square meters. DTZ Debenham Tie Leung Yeung, Head of office of the Department of East China, said in April introduced the New Deal real estate sales market for office space has also brought a certain influence, but the situation gradually improved in the three months 6,7,8, transactions slow recovery. Suburban area office in 2010 a hot office sales market area. In 2009, the outer ring outside the city's total turnover of 36% office, in 2010 this figure rose to 42%. Yang of the view that inflation expectations and domestic investment in case of delay, the huge transfer of private capital investment and total price, cost-effective office properties outside the outer ring in order to preserve asset value, thus creating a substantial increase in transaction volume outer office. Shanghai's new hot spot next year will appear in the Riverside office area along the Hongqiao airport-CBD Central Business District and the World Expo. Industrial real estate: the steady rise The fourth quarter of 2010, Shanghai's industrial real estate market is still carried on the overall stabilization of the situation this year, both in terms of occupancy rate or rental, has maintained a steady performance. This shows that the financial crisis in the post-industrial real estate market in Shanghai will be "smooth" as its main tone. DTZ Debenham Tie Leung Director Su Zhiyuan Eastern Region Ministry of Industry also noted that, based on expectations of RMB appreciation, the enthusiasm of industrial real estate investors started to recover this year, and some aspire to achieve diversified development of the enterprises began to enter the industrial estate. Investment: insurance funds around the corner Policies for more than a year, regulated real estate buyers and sellers in the price of a stalemate of that large property transactions this year, the market is not active last year. According to DTZ Debenham Tie Leung DTZ Investment Department data show that, as of December 20, 2010 the year Shanghai large property transactions amounted to 20.26 billion yuan, with total investment of 25.57 billion yuan in 2009 compared to same period last year decreased by 21%. Property type from the transaction point of view, the sudden emergence of the office in 2009, accounting for 68%, while in 2010 showing a residential and serviced apartments, office properties and shops closing third of the world situation. DTZ Debenham Tie Leung, Co-Head of China Investment Yejian Cheng pointed out that with the investment of insurance funds allowed into the real estate regulations issued, the domestic insurance funds are currently being conducted careful pre-preparation, but have not yet had an outstanding performance in the market next year will be the bulk of the insurance institution or The main trade buyers.