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Ping Wu mall office free partition 100-1200

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Wu Mall in a rented office space, rent 45 yuan / square meter / month, paid a six-charge, office space 100-1200 square meters, free partition. Wu Group 5A Class A office building, a landmark Wuzhong District, 100-1200 square meters of office space, free partition, any combination. Surrounding a fully furnished, with China Resources Vanguard, Trust-Mart, Soochow International Mall, Huaxia Bank, Bank, ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, Construction Bank, Bank of China, Shanghai Pudong Development, Soochow rural firm, CITIC Bank, Bank of Jiangsu, Wu branch offices, Postal savings, Bibo Hotel, CHUAN FU building, Super 8 Hotel, Ho Fushideng Hotel, Yang Wu shop four lobsters, small Mongolian lamb hot pot, Green Tree Inn, Bristol 联通营业厅, 移动营业厅, 电信营业厅.