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Vanda: Lo people of the South Area Office established a new business opportunit

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Nearly the end, many companies began to prepare the migration event, which with the company of several brothers, some enterprises have already been moved, some are still anxious for the site, I hope you do the brand in this industry for their Weapon. Vertical Is well known, the general location of choice for business talent, technology, information and capital-intensive areas. The city's central business district, the gathering of the complete municipal, commercial, cultural and residential facilities and always subject to a number of enterprises Ages. After comparison and measurement, the Commerce Department in the Union Properties to give more than recommended several enterprises established in Shenzhen CBD - Luohu District, as this area have an integrated infrastructure, a large number of companies gathered here for years Precipitate the development of the formation of a strong business climate to make it unique charm Zhanju an important position in the sea, especially the people of the South Area, is a typical commercial office buildings are concentrated. Because building a long time ago, people Public office prices in Shenzhen, south central patches in multiple offices at a relatively low, the current overall average price of 12000-13000 yuan / square meter. According to the Union Ministry of Commerce, the film area real estate branch manager Zhou Huanqiong introduction, the film area The current state of office space in short supply, the vacancy rate is low, the performance of an active lease, rental price is about 60 yuan / square meter / month, the overall rental rate of return of about 5% -6%, some office buildings as high as 8% rate of return, the Area is the rent Lease and sale of a major choice. South Area is located in the Luohu People's bustling commercial district, in 2006 after a transformation, the environment enhance the overall form of the elegant style of urban style and the city style. Film area close to the subway exit Trade Pro Shennan Road Shenzhen, close to main roads and the Shenzhen Railway Station, the transportation is very convenient; adjacent to the Lo Wu Control Point, closely linked with Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Hong Kong exchanges is conducive to cooperation, complementarity of resources, an important strategic position; the same time The district government set up the industrial development in recent years, special funds to encourage the key pillar industries, the introduction of high-end boutique agencies stationed in the headquarters, making Hong Kong a large number of high-tech enterprises, foreign companies and financial institutions gathered here , Regional human resources, capital and information intensive and greatly reduce the film area businesses a comprehensive business costs; while the film area banks, restaurants, shopping centers and residential is complete, it is very easy for business operations and Employees work and daily life. To facilitate the needs of businesses and friends are other options, the Union Properties Manager Zhou for different customer needs, recommend the following real estate properties.