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Regulation to promote investment to complex office buildings or into the mains

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The purchase of order in the catalyst, a large number of residential investment funds have been withdrawn, founding the commercial real estate to find a hedge, creating a hot commercial property market, where its office complex of the many advantages as an investment target of choice . Three consecutive quarters of commercial real estate has continued to heat up in the fourth quarter there will be a lot of money into the commercial market, thus promoting the commercial real estate values continue to rise. This market is expected to result in contrast to the large domestic market The amount of investment is withdrawn in favor of commercial real estate, and commercial real estate has also become the context of inflation, a safe haven for the best funds. Why so favored office complex? The industry believes that the office market in addition to benefiting the environment, but more important is the value of growth "both inside and outside," the focus of an investment chase. First of all, from the internal View, constitute a comprehensive body is multi-format loop business system, its internal office, residential and commercial itself to form a relationship of mutual benefit, and even entire regions for the project to bring more vigorous popularity and commercial gas, from the While its value rose and laid a good foundation. Secondly, from the external environment, the absolute dominance of the prime locations is a complex business quickly take the heat of the important reasons. Since the cohesion complex is where the business district, so to To occupy the core area. It is reported that Beijing often found in a complex project of three large single transactions, and take the only seat on the Second Ring, is expected to enter the market in November of gold trade center complex project is not open the first heat, an investment competition for attention. Relative to the norm of housing investment, office investment especially investment in the office complex has been wandering on the edge, with the office market to pick up, but also frequently enter the office complex of investor vision, comprehensive investment Can fit into the mainstream office began to receive attention.