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Grade A office rents in Chengdu the third quarter increased 5.5% sequentiall

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2010 Q3, Chengdu office market to maintain growth. Is recognized as the highest standards of the field office in Chengdu Yanlord Landmark project site put into use in September, it is the only season completed office project, 62,000 square meters of new office space. According to Cushman & Wakefield the latest statistics show that the effective net Grade A office rents in Chengdu increased 5.5% sequentially. From the regional market, the impact of the new project, the Central Business District 13.6% rent increase. South and East Avenue to the rent level is relatively stable. Although the rental market is active, the amount of new supply is still causing the vacancy rate increased to 27% of the new high. Large-scale gold mining lease transactions, including Wang Jin Jiang International level floor,, Merck Sharp & Dohme Merck lease rental Yanlord Landmark Landmark Yanlord 11,500 square meters. Novartis and were rented ChinaHR Yanlord lease 1,100 square meters. Chengdu office market refined decoration With the completion of Yanlord Square, Chengdu market the first fine decorated Grade A office space. Office fitting out office more environmentally friendly relative to water, and more convenient to tenants in occupancy. The space will be completed in the fourth quarter of Science and Technology Ha Ha, and also for the Investment Building in Sichuan with decoration projects. In addition to these single ownership of the items to be sold to the owners sold the day of the Meeting Center is also a fine R & F office decoration. The future there will be more refined decoration project Market. Ushered in the era of Chengdu Metro Metro Line 1 will be officially opened in October 2010 to use. Meanwhile, the second line extension project is also in the West in September start. According to the Chengdu Municipal Government and the Ministry of Railways signed an agreement with China, built in 2015, Metro Line 1 , Second line across the board, and the subway three, four, 七号 line and R0, R1 is a project, then, the operation of the land will reach 147 km subway lines. As of 2020, will add 145 km subway lines. Market Outlook: The rent will continue to grow 4 quarter of 2010, there will be 167,000 square meters of Grade A office market. Sichuan is located in South Extension Investment Building The first building will be the grade level office area, the future of high standards, fine decoration of office will continue to push Grade A office rents in Chengdu rent moving to a new high. At the same time, a lot of new supply will lead to more of the vacant space. Take-up: With the economic recovery, leasing market remained active. New supply: the continuing role of regulation and control policies of commercial housing in the residential market, therefore, more and more developers to participate in the development of office buildings in the past. Rent: high standards, fine decoration of office will continue to promote Chengdu Grade A office rents in the next 12 months to reach a new high.