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[Sell] Chang Haiyuan

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Building dish name: Chang Haiyuan
Building dish the position: South city
Building type: Office building
Establishment of form a complete set: This room interior is plush decorate, it is office to use now, 3 rooms 2 hall the 1 belt that guard a house attic in all 6 rooms 4 hall 2 defend. Layout is unified, indoor and ventilated daylighting is particularly good.
Whether to decorate: Top class decorate
Floor: 7/7
Area: 342
The price: 5.8 million yuan
Public transportation course: 26, 31, 33, 104, 125, 231, 232, 317, 319, 363, 801 wait for many public transportation course
Situation: Road of Macao of the area austral city 6
Contact: Cereal young lady
Connect a telephone call: 0532-83819316/83066987
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News type: Sell
Issue date: 2007-5-25

Project introduction

Chang Haiyuan is located in center of business affairs of Qingdao city the eastpart part, border 2008 base of match of Olympic Games caique, the border of a field of float hill bay with open maritime space is faced south, north faces the sculpture of road of the East China Sea that already provided embryonic form a street, 54 square are faced on the west, environmental grace, communication is easy, establishment of form a complete set is all ready, it is seaside travel and region of recreational recreational ideal. Chang Haiyuan is multilayer apartment, famous card elevator all matchs inside apartment, big U sitting room, high-grade green Bo, have 170 square metre- - 350 square metre the choice of a variety of areas.
Be on this, let you experience carefree and convenient.
Be on this, the Olympic Games looks in the home, be like regnant the world