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[Rental] center of Qingdao international banking

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Building dish name: Center of Qingdao international banking
Building dish the position: South city
Building type: Office building
Establishment of form a complete set: High-grade office building of CBD of core of the area austral city, exceed low price, 3.3/ is smooth / day, the price can be discussed, divisible, bag duty. Elevator / air conditioning / system of network news report.
Whether to decorate: Arming is repaired
Floor: 32
Area: 1200
The price: 3960 yuan / everyday
Public transportation course:
Situation: The road in Hong Kong of the area austral city the CBD austral 59 city
Contact: Gentleman of the Song Dynasty
Connect a telephone call: 0532-86011150 13854283756
Contact Q Q:
News type: Rental
Issue date: 2007-6-18