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[Sell] office building of edifice of golden inspire confidence in sb

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Building dish name: Office building of edifice of golden inspire confidence in sb
Building dish the position: South city
Building type: Office building
Establishment of form a complete set: Property establishment is all ready, be located in group of trade of Shandong road CBD, situation is favorable.
Whether to decorate: Intermediate decorate
Floor: 17
Area: 164
The price: 1.38 million yuan
Public transportation course:
Situation: Road of Shandong of the area austral city edifice of 22 gold inspire confidence in sb
Contact: Cereal young lady
Connect a telephone call: 0532-83819316
Contact Q Q:
News type: Sell
Issue date: 2007-7-27
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Project introduction

Project of edifice of golden inspire confidence in sb is located in Qingdao city flourishingly area of CBD business affairs, this project is apart from a seaside 54 square walk only 10 minutes, be apart from municipal government to be not worth 1000 meters, subsidiary bank of city of Qingdao of industrial and commercial bank and subsidiary bank of city of agricultural bank Qingdao are namely on, hotel of circumjacent star class is numerous, beautiful ” of Yi Chulian of large supermarket “ also is about to be in edifice of golden inspire confidence in sb boreal side air plant. North of edifice of golden inspire confidence in sb is faced bay crossroads of Ma stalking or branch, road of Hong Kong road, the East China Sea is south, shandong road all the time since the main artery that regards Qingdao north and south as be well versed in, decisive place is had in whole town, investment of Qingdao municipal government undertook be transforminged in the round to road 2005, road features takes on an entirely new look, stereo traffic fluent freelies, ten public transportation courses go back and forth between urban each district, piece travel, shop very smooth.

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