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Center of digital science and technology

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Building dish name: Center of digital science and technology
Building dish the position: Lao hill
Building type: Office building
Establishment of form a complete set: Fire control, central heating.
Whether to decorate: Arming is repaired
Floor: 24
Area: 80000
The price: 8000 yuan / square
Public transportation course: Traffic is convenient, extend in all directions.
Situation: To hospital of Lu Mojie of Er of a mountainous area sea of Qingdao city Lao
Contact: Mr Li
Connect a telephone call: 13583297557
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News type: Sell
Issue date: 2007-3-29

Project introduction

Project of ” of center of science and technology of “ Qingdao number is located in Qingdao city Gao Keyuan, road of Dong Linhai Er, float hill leans on the west, yellow Sea looks south, north leans on the sports center in cheek, belong to Lao a mountainous area business affairs one area priority discipline. The program covers an area of a face to accumulate 16593.6 square metre, total floor area 80000 square metre, the plan invests 360 million yuan. Recreation of place of high-grade and office building of office of office of SOHO of functional setting collect, hotel type service, big the standard width of a room in an old-style house, recreational meeting, fitness, commerce is an organic whole, have with photograph adjacent the building is linked together, floor area makes an appointment with 20000 square metre large underground shopping centers. This project laid a foundation on December 25, 2004, predict October 2006 complete.
Project of ” of center of science and technology of “ Qingdao number is to be in Lao is a mountainous area appoint, a when the capital attraction below the impel that district government admits new thinking of ” of economy of “ Lou Yu energetically works significant gain. This project connects investment management limited company and Beijing Jia Lijin by Qingdao new treasure China investment limited company invests jointly, qingdao new treasure knows buy line of business limited company development, atkins designs world-renowned England annulus of the company, couplet in building a department builds civil building to design limited company and Qingdao town building to design an academy jointly, structure of Qingdao construction group always contracts (draft) , qingdao is built grind manage of courtyard construction inspect is finite liability company inspect manages. In integral program, reasonable the natural picture that used this plot periphery, introduced hill scene and seascape element ably, the design gives the extensive of two appearances imposing manner that has lead level great, concise connect 26 brilliant that appear to get building system, ” of center of science and technology of “ Qingdao number is sure to become the type of mark of a ground with Qingdao city a mountainous area Lao to build, reveal Qingdao adequately new breath of architectural of culture of economy of contemporary business affairs, business affairs, business affairs, new verve, new glamour. ” of center of science and technology of “ Qingdao number has times feeling and shock power on the building not only, and the activator that will become ” of economy of Lou Yu of “ of a mountainous area development of new developed area of Qingdao the eastpart part and Lao, lead economy of Qingdao business affairs new trend.