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Yi Zhongyin street

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Shop of first phase business introduces domestic heavyweight supermarket to drive whole to develop as brunt inn, at the same time will 2 period cent of business street shop is heaven and earth of special zone of tide heaven and earth, brand, cate, electron a covered corridor or walk of product, artistic heaven and earth, culture, bar a street tens of part, still lie fallow the motion that introduces international popularity meeting place, SPA, these new projects, scientific deserve to compare, the combination of the balance, rich form will successful increase sharply to consume a crowd. Also make operator saw situation of wonderful “ money ” .
It is contemporary and compound model landed new pronoun, it is commerce centers confluence with what live.
A area site in December end open quotation
Block is commerce centers confluence with what live. Unlike regional shopping center, have more fasten the large trade distribution centre at the suburb.
Scriptorium 50-400 makes the same score rice area to differ high-quality goods door, low head pay the office that belongs to oneself can be had to invest property in core trade group.