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Yi Zhongyin street

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Building dish name: Yi Zhongyin street
Building dish the position: City north
Building type: Business spreads a site
Establishment of form a complete set: Middle and primary school:  sends? of А of ⊙ of boil of β of Die of ⑽ of v/LIT all over the ground Luo of inclined pen of ⑹ of boil ⊙ А medium, 9 medium, 28 in, integrated bazaar: Qian of ⒌ of a huge legendary turtle of Jin of chasm of Xiao of small ⑽ of ū Τ  has post office of bank ⒊ ? : Phenol of provide for  shows? bank: Small ⒅ of ㄐ of small ⒔ of travel of ば small ⒅ twists hospital of ⑴ ┬ ? all right: Sauce large bamboo hat all ⒁ of body ⑹ laborious all body ⒏ resides? of body of makeup = ≡ other:    ?
Whether to decorate: Arming is repaired
Floor: 5
Area: 46115
The price: 20000 yuan / square
Public transportation course: 2, 21, 24, 301, 320, 222, 218, the 5 much station shop signs such as the road, traffic develops.
Situation: Road of Liaoning of area of north of Qingdao city town 177
Contact: Mr Shao
Connect a telephone call: 13964289632
Contact Q Q:
News type: Sell
Issue date: 2007-3-29

Project introduction

Silver-colored street is located in the northwest side of street of science and technology of Liaoning distance business in cheek, liaoning way has east, happy hill road reachs on the west, north has the way that face Zi, chapter grave way is supported south, total program area is 46114.9 ㎡, floor area is 138320 ㎡. By south distributing north for A, B, C, D, E5 area, it is area of shopping centre, center respectively, and uptown. History of Liaoning road business street is long, communication is easy, main and public transportation course has 218, 2, 8, 222, 320, 210, 205, this area trade developeds, it is one of Qingdao town's most bustling shopping centre, also be one of residential area with population the largest density.
Among them A area is large and integrated supermarket, the area is 39700 ㎡, now preliminary the unit that reachs cooperative intent is Thailand the Yi Chulian of big group spends shopping centers, and first floor has a share break up business shop to be able to be sold external, area unit is 20 ㎡ left and right sides commonly, can combine according to needing freedom. B division orientation is 3C number square, go to 4 to be given priority to with electronic commerce, office of science and technology is complementary. Ground floor installs the business street of perforative thing, with period induct the stream of people of Liaoning road inside, add commercial atmosphere. 5 basically are office conference, outside dividing normal office area, mid setting can accommodate the auditoria of 500 people, can satisfy this area conference product to issue the requirement that reachs partial culture activity. C area is decorated along happy hill road, ground floor lives for business for commercial trade department, door model with large family model give priority to, one ladder or one ladder two, choose intelligence of magnetic card type to control elevator, improve residential class and quality. Road of Liaoning of D area edge is high-level area, office building of SOHO of You Yidong high level and commercial building are comprised. Ground floor is two business shop, basically give priority to with brand inn and flagship store. Setting of E area bottom sinks form culture square, offer good humanitarian atmosphere and culture flavor for the village. One, 2 street face or shopping mall open the door, can gain more business chance. Upstairs have building of house of 4 high levels, residential door have one room one hall, two rooms two hall mix one hall, 3 rooms double entry door, main with two rooms two hall are given priority to, the area is in 80 ㎡ - 100 ㎡ left and right sides, hutch defends clothbound to repair. The greenbelt rate of the village is as high as 32% , car enough, share 1100 many parking space.