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Lu Neng domain

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Building dish name: Lu Neng domain
Building dish the position: South city
Building type: Office building
Establishment of form a complete set: Central heating, fire control.
Whether to decorate: Arming is repaired
Floor: 28
Area: 90000
The price: 6600 yuan / square
Public transportation course: 2, 5, the 218 much station shop signs such as the road, traffic is convenient, extend in all directions.
Situation: Road of Beijing of the area austral Qingdao city town 27.
Contact: Mr Li
Connect a telephone call: 13583297557
Contact Q Q:
News type: Sell
Issue date: 2007-3-29

Project introduction

The Lu Neng field that by Qingdao of subordinate of group of trade of Lu Neng buy limited company of development of An Jia estate develops is the volume business, hotel, omnibus building that inhabits an organic whole, be located in road of Beijing of old business street of tradition of road of Qingdao city Zhongshan and Henan road hand in collect place.
The project covers an area of a face to accumulate 8078.9 square metre, total floor area makes an appointment with 90 thousand square metre, cent is A, b two tower, in all 28, among them subterranean three-layer is a garage, 200 many cars; Bazaar gross area is to 2 on the ground it is 12 thousand square metre about. 3-6 layer is apartment of business affairs of property right type, the area is 21 thousand square metre; The 7—28 on the ground is double tower freedom residence. The area is 52 thousand square metre; Sheet covers residential area to differ for 38-200 square metre.