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Center of money of bay of rubber administrative division

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Building dish name: Center of money of bay of rubber administrative division
Building dish the position: Rubber administrative division
Building type: Business spreads a site
Establishment of form a complete set: Center of money of bay of rubber administrative division is located in the core a sector of an area of rubber state city, home products of century hotel, Qingdao, benefit group, city of depot of rubber administrative division, yangko, each big commercial bank, industrial and commercial bureau spread all over all around, form the business of core of rubber state city that is dominant with center of money of bay of rubber administrative division to encircle ——“ money business”Layer of the 3-4 on ground of center of 24 hours of condition of complete function, much trade, consumption, underground 1 (parking lot inside) the value is uncertain.
Whether to decorate: Arming is repaired
Floor: 4-1
Area: 90000
The price: 0 yuan / square
Public transportation course: City of boreal Xiang Zheng east road, road of the east Suzhou, west the road austral Guangzhou, south to the Lanzhou after widening east road.
Situation: Business of core of rubber state city is encircled---Zhengzhou of rubber state city east road 18 (the road austral Guangzhou and Zhengzhou east the road falls meeting point)
Contact: Miss Li
Connect a telephone call: 0532-83819316
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News type: Rental
Issue date: 2007-5-28
Project introduction

Group of international of Hong Kong sweet river is founded 1969, all previous classics is close the ablution of spring tide of 40 years of markets, in group president poplar what Sun Xixian is born is arduous and cultivated below, advocate ceaseless development, management domain enclothes business Wu spin of landed development, dress, travel is retail wait for a variety of industries, development becomes business to spread all over the world 5 continent, have stuff the diversity of more than 20000 people is large the group that cross a state.
Money center is the admiral brand of sweet river international. Center of money of bay of rubber administrative division is group of sweet river international marchs first of Shandong peninsula large and landed project, cover an area of nearly 70 thousand square metre, program total floor area 250 thousand square metre, total investment is close 900 million yuan of RMBs. The science of much trade condition such as business street of the characteristic inside the project, hotel, office building, apartment is layout, reasonable coexist, set each other off is unripe brightness, collect shops, office, live, service of meal, recreational, banking muti_function at an organic whole, value of a sector of an area promotion reachs the limit. Among them business street area 90000 square metre, fortune wine storefront accumulates 45000 square metre, apartment of fortune hotel type 30000 square metre, fortune apartment 75000 square metre, as peninsula area function the large city with the neatest, highest class builds synthesis project, project construction holds to • of real estate of “ sweet river to create the core concept of ” of value of a sector of an area, rely on golden rubber administrative division deep accumulate culture of ancient commercial port, with modern building aesthetic behaves a form, explain brand-new synthesis to run a concept.