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Rash state square

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Building dish name: Rash state square
Building dish the position: All directions
Building type: Office building
Establishment of form a complete set: 7 elevator, 3 water chestnut weigh air conditioning of VRV of Er of industry of great capacity. The country is communal and dining-room of duty and land tax, bank, employee, communal assembly room, high meet hall, square
Whether to decorate: Intermediate decorate
Floor: High level
Area: 100
The price: 0 yuan / square
Public transportation course: Traffic is convenient, extend in all directions. Have 33, 374, 224, 210, 126, 605, 219 cars.
Situation: Road of Qingdao city Shandong 177 (the east of college of Qingdao grain industry)
Contact: Mr Li
Connect a telephone call: 13583297557
Contact Q Q:
News type: Sell
Issue date: 2007-3-29

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Project introduction

“ efficiency, it is one of main essential factor of modern trade spirit. ” an economist ever thought so. Of the enough, elevator of viatic unobstructed, parking space quick wait for a problem to be highlighted increasingly to the influence of efficient office, from external environment, improve office efficiency, had become the first choice of a lot of person that buy a house. For example insular city the eastpart part is coastal miscellaneous car of close person of building of a gleam of is much, but the establishment of form a complete set such as the parking lot does not follow to go up far however the need of development, accordingly although the position is very good, but person energy of life is decreasing slowly however. In the client that this specification buys office building at present, the characteristic of rational buy course of study is more and more outstanding.
Relative to Yu Dong the person of office building of coastal a gleam of enrages the ministry to fall gradually, of the person that the traffic that the office building of new development on the Shandong road after extend facilitates because of its and perfect form a complete set already made buy trade bestow favor on newly. Produce the rash state square of development by Lubangde for example, because of the smooth stereo traffic inside the parking space with its convenient big environment, enough traffic and building, gained the favour of the person that buy a house with insular astute city.
Rash state square visits rash state estate to develop limited company to develop construction by Shandong. According to client demand, can be divided into 100-2000 square to differ door model. Total floor area, achieve 35421 square metre.
The establishment of form a complete set all round has: The country is communal and dining-room of duty and land tax, bank, employee, communal assembly room, high meet hall, square.
Great Master of well-known building design makes an appointment with Germany Er is editorial, wall of act of integral LOW-E glass, square of landscape of echo individual character, hold to character principle; 226 parking space, elevator of high speed of 7 3 water chestnut, hold to efficiency principle; Standard layer 3.4 meters of layers are tall, one place carries every three-layer 10.2 meters tall communal space, hold to free principle; VRV divides an adjusting control, cent door is metric, hold to economic principle; Configuration is big, advanced meet dining-room of room, auditoria, worker, insist to share a principle