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The country exhibits · money center

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Building dish name: The country exhibits · money center
Building dish the position: Lao hill
Building type: Office building
Establishment of form a complete set:
Whether to decorate: Decorate commonly
Floor: 6
Area: 200000
The price: 10000 yuan / square
Public transportation course: 223, 301, 321 wait for shop sign of 10 many stations. Traffic is convenient.
Situation: Lao a mountainous area country exhibits money center on the west side
Contact: Mr Li
Connect a telephone call: 13583297557
Contact Q Q:
News type: Sell
Issue date: 2007-3-29

Project introduction

The country exhibits · money center is mountain of gold of the group in You Yi, Qingdao ocean group, Qingdao the Qingdao that industrial head office invests jointly cheeks limited company your kind effort makes buy trade, limited company of DEM of Australia of famous design firm and design of building of Qingdao the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning admires international the Qingdao of the design is space of business of the first volume, office building, large the function such as square, conference, hotel, recreation at an organic whole compound model commercial structure.
Insular city is very at present much city class big project, great theater, ocean is for instance polar the world, include the house of sea Er science and technology that has built, museum, beer city, the big public house with highest class, wait to also will gather at this area like hotel of 10 thousand a person of extraordinary powers, Kaibinsiji, color of hill of garden of Changchun of garden of Lang of international of Hai Erdong city, Hai Xinjing lake, rash letter, the natural beauty of lakes and mountains, sunshine also falls in succession crural float hill. According to such development trend, qingdao city will be become here most the area of core.
The country exhibits face of monomer of · money center to accumulate near 200 thousand square metre, the layer is 6 high, be multilayer office building, cent is 4 parts inside. Draw near road of mountain of the Qin Dynasty is shopping centre of high-grade general merchandise first layers, century square is space of commerce of international fashion high-quality goods first layers, do princess entrance old hall and hotel and meal orgnaization. On the ground 2 it is space of office of internationalization business affairs to 6, among them 5, 6 set insular wall particular, ” of the garden in the sky of zoology landscape “ of constant temperature of the four seasons.
” of the garden in “ sky is a typical feature of this project, introduce zoology the building namely, blend in nature the life.
The first, ” of the garden in “ sky is connected for two tall, 16.8 meters wide, monolayer area is inside 5000 smooth rice, perforative north and south. Be in 5, 6 do zoology afforest and not be simple indoor afforest, whole building is like be the same as a natural oxygen.
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