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China has the 10 big cities of potential of tall house price most

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Premise: It is now house price is like Beijing Shanghai than mainstream big city not tall or deep spic and other places is as discrepant as its identity; 2 be even if shows house price to also can have larger ascendant space high; 3 it is overall characteristic it is now be in crouching, latent capacity expression is in by crouch a station.


Seaside new developed area will grow to grow for prospective economy the 4th extremely. Materiality of corridor of city of ferry the Tang Dynasty forms capital and join annulus Bohai Sea with Beijing enunciative for the mark, will greet estate to grow strong period.

Finance serves proportion of course of study to rise and cast off the dependence to the capital or associate stage by stage; Talent structure breaks away from Beijing manacle; Industrial transition is finished, economic structural adjustment is finished at the whole nation first. Social welfare is further upward on the foundation of traditional advantage. All these are the objective reason places that violent wind of Tianjin house price rises.

Tianjin also will become Beijing " course of study bleaching buy invests estate " the garden after first selection, demand will be inside lustrum blowout. The element of pour oil on the fire is " recursive gens " will drive new the acceleration of round of motion that build a wall develops.

Advocate politics the stability of personnel is good safeguard.


The author is in " 5 theory bank of river house price contend for " in the strategic tentative plan that elaborated one's early years of Mr Wang Zhigang to be done for Chengdu place, vacate basket change a bird. Bank river the area in the change that is core will be become western investment important place.

Advocate the change outside city enlarge look and aboriginal, north change, the construction of satellitic town, all will exceed powerful demand force for new Chongqing reserve.

Of artery of traffic of sex of be well versed in build finally will make Chongqing with might doubled. Bank price of river area house will not be the concept of ten thousand and five.


The estate of fontal city seems to lose at landscape give somebody a new lease on life and transplanting all the time not lukewarm not fire. Valued only reason is her it is city of Shandong provincial capital, and power sea, Qingdao bank water city takes in and send out in large quantities course of study of foreign investment buy is saturated with each passing day.