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The consequence that fry a room is very serious after 7 big star fr

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Zhong Zhentao

1997, zhong Zhentao is in building city fastigium, leasehold 150 million purchase 4 a person of extraordinary powers curtilage. Nevertheless financial storm makes floor price steeps fall, be in debt finally 250 million. In October 2002, zhong Zhentao announces to go bankrupt. This year October, zhong Zhentao 4 years go bankrupt protection will expire, at the appointed time his debt problem also will get be settlemented satisfactorily.

Jackson of Michael Er ·

Jackson of Michael Er · may day receives a bottle of gold, but his cost is same very considerable. He with 5000 dollars / the price buys dog of machine of below 10 SonyAIBO, let them run to run in him home, every month safeguards cost to be as high as 200 thousand dollar only. And he is in TV newsreel " LivingwithMichaelJackson " in inside a few hours shop to cost 6 million dollar, your completely beautiful audience sip tongue unceasingly, final application goes bankrupt.

Zhang Weijian

1997, when city of Hong Kong building is best, zhang Weijian throws all savings entirely, buy house property. But before long city of Hong Kong building drops greatly, want to rely on the Zhang Weijian of house provide for the aged formerly, all houses became negative capital. Zhang Weijian took sport of 67 years, earning all uses repay a debt. So, he takes sport to the mainland old, did not touch estate again, did not buy half houses in the mainland to now.


Yimonisaiweiji ever was one of Keluodeya's richest athletes, professional career of 16 years brought the match bonus of 19.87 million dollar and countless commerce commitment for him. But recently in 7 years of time, yimonisaiweiji boldly sortie estate market, cast his major saving, the result can leave cloudily only.

King Beixinge

1989, case of laborious of shellfish of · of female star gold spends 20 million dollar to buy Braselton of Georgian small town, when she applies for to go bankrupt after 4 years, was forced to sell a cool with cold water or ice child.

Yang Caini

1997, yang Caini is acting art career fastigium resolutely retire at the height of one's official career, with male friend together from business. Two people open figure studio in kuala lumpur and Hong Kong early or late, but all sorts of economy problems are constant, still encounter unscrupulous merchant loot a burning house, maintain by force old, end in order to go bankrupt finally.