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Geomantic Great Master is expostulatory: Choose the place that the

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"Do not look in evening geomantic "

I had seen in Fujian spring city geomantic, daytime sees somebody is having bibulous project, this is geomantic big fear of course. Passed a few days, the heavy rain since comes, cannot see someone again start working, discover however on the side of before corrupt canal after water goes up, sewage is ceaseless and gushing, this is the picture that cannot see in sunshine, when raining so namely, sewage emerges to the grave ceaselessly by. Because this views nether world,be very complex program curtilage, should observe in different weather all around environment, it is a very profound knowledge, be not Chan Congshu to be able to be acquired originally.

In relief curtilage geomantic look more easily, because of this world curtilage geomantic and certain it is daytime goes looking, evening cannot look, reason is evening cannot see outdoor overall arrangement. I look to the foreign country once geomantic, the person over there does not know in, arranged the time in the evening to let me look geomantic, as a result I choose all arrangement only, because evening is,cannot look geomantic. For example has an unit at that time is house hind has a woods, there is pool of a flood inside the woods, because be in,that time evening is watched, cannot see at all forest inside have a pool. I can arrive from geomantic theoretic estimation only at that time forest hind behoove sees water, but less than having look on naked eye water. Daytime sees another geomantic reason is, the person compares spirit in daytime, can be occupied with better position calculate. Geomantic accurate, very old rate decides division of Yu Feng water the psychosis at that time.

"There cannot be not lucky thing all round the residence "

"Figure evil spirit finds figure job " the meaning of this bid farewell, it is the place that you stay in, do not see not lucky thing on figure.

Ancient time has a kind to cry " look look learns " geomantic, this is to should be on figure you feel that house has a problem, although have very good regulating the flow of vital energy and removing obstruction to it, that one still is regarded as geomantic the house that has a problem. Once had a house, originally geomantic go up very good, going out is swim pool, but that swim the pool is a rectangle, made on figure " coffin evil spirit " , the rank brick that increases pool base actually build by laying bricks or stones gives a crux, your window door everyday to this coffin evil spirit, the feeling is extremely uncomfortable. Some household to church cross, these are belonged to evil spirit.

"Drop blood evil spirit -- often can hear anything but in the residence drop is underwater acoustic "

What the house that you stay in often hears a drop is underwater acoustic, upstairs before often water comes down, this kind calls a hematic evil spirit, be bad geomantic.