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Does young lady of building looking for carry out marry? Life of yo

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Wearing the suit that does not poor, making up delicate weak, signing big contract, taking high pay income -- this is a lot of people the impression to young lady of carry out building. When more and more people at one's leisure is talking about a house when, nature of young lady of carry out building also became the central issue that people pays close attention to. Is young lady of carry out building after all how a group? Glaring aureola backside, what kind of joys and sorrows of life are they having? Look please small make up uncover a mystery for you.

Work hard one day to eat a meal only

The skin fair-skinneds in vain, the figure is carried high, the first impression that Liu Yun of young lady of carry out building gives a reporter is Jing admires.

"What alien sees is bright one side, become young lady of carry out building actually, the biggest feeling is painstaking. " the Liu Yun that is graduated from movie and TV of Sichuan music institute to perform major says, she is the home in alone female, suffer all kinds of as a child favorite. Last year in April, do not wish to be engaged in acting art the Liu Yun of the career, attend company of grand Xin real estate to unite invite applications for a job, become young lady of building of carry out of village of new visual field of fine horse ease. Groom before hillock, exercitation " walk dish " , although preparation is sufficient, when the open quotation after two months, still busy back out of her within an inch of. The client that sees a room hopes to see a building on the spot more, because of the building dish still building at that time, without special elevator, liu Yun is forced to take away a client stair. Lowrise layer is not bad, encounter the high-level client of 229 buildings, one day climbs 45 times, foot " lighten shines " . But still cannot rest, want busy move to explain for the client recommend, the blame that climbs a building otherwise sufferred in vain.

Say in the Xue Mei of building of one village carry out together, , she takes ground of client go to work to see a room, because of building materials of building site stack, she what wearing high-heeled shoes does not take care sprain foot. Fear building of the influence after the client knows dish impression, xue Mei is being borne all the time did not say. Return the office, she pours water for the client, explain, analysis. After a hour, the client leaves, xue Mei's foot is red already. When village firm open quotation, want to recieve about a hundred client everyday, every morning 8 when when opening the door, already a lot of clients queue up to wait. In the evening 12 when, return somebody to taking a contract to waiting to do procedure. All the day barely stops, also do not have time to eat lunch. That paragraph of time, personnel of all carry out building work to be in everyday 16 hours above, till in the evening 12 when attend a meeting summary, edge of the speech side ability eats convenient cover allay one's hunger, this also is an exclusive meal that eats in a day. Was over, come home tumble into bed.