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Is building city other kind of popularity " goofy " can type ad say

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"Head pay 20 thousand, the home that owns oneself " , "Buy a room to send a car " , "The month is offerred need 777 yuan only, year return rate 10% " , "Maximum price XXX yuan XXX of VS minimum price yuan " ...

Slightly advertent, we can discover, return to as the reason of building city this year, the estate advertisement that blot out the sky and cover up the earth is increasing it is straight white deal with concrete matters relating to work model. Yinjinei allows these ad saying to understand easily simply, also be called " goofy " type diction.

   Ad headline points to building price continuously

The expert points out, the reader reads 5 times the probability of caption is article table. Before the building city that with living oneself at present demand gives priority to, landed sale engineers division people apparent late music score this manage, the person live oneself that the price is not reason people care relatively, then the ad headline of near future popularity also is the expressions that appears often is about to count " minimum price " , " maximum price " , " double price fixing " .

In July building city, golf of city of 10 thousand divisions, Feng Taicheng takes the lead in rolling out " minimum price 3500 yuan / square metre " sales promotion information, with " minimum price Xxxx yuan case " for stunt, draw consumer attention. Subsequently, wind faces beautiful bay, wind to face beautiful words bank, emerald green Yun Xuan, ideal to had used language of this kind of advertisement cities of 0769 He Lianhua garden. Most move " minimum price Xxxx yuan case " the statement is abused, consumer generates immune force and resentment, cause the effect worse and worse.

Immediately develops business with " maximum price Xxxx yuan " will attract customer. For instance near future of golf of city of 10 thousand divisions hits a maximum price again 4974 yuan of every square metre, medium Hui Qinlin mountain villa is popularizing at present " water is cubic " , hit clearly do not divide floor, 3380 yuan of every square metre have minimum valence, highest 3980 yuan of every square metre, the courtyard on Jindegelin also rolls out 68 3180/ square metre to come of 4488/ square metre " double be restricted unit " , caused market attention likewise.

The personage inside course of study points out, strategy of conduct propaganda of this kind of advertisement can make consumer as far as possible get the actualest sale price, according to oneself economic actual strength, have the plan of the job that become place of specific aim.

   Straight Bai Po of content deal with concrete matters relating to work is inviting

The personage discloses, creating formula of planar advertising of city of a building is: Take a picture the building of 50 % above dish the scene setting that the effect pursues beautiful a tone is very big advocate a LOGO puts caption below clear position to add bit of agitative literature sex again language...