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Reason is retreated contest and return a house without reason below

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If the near future makes appraise through comparison of a the hottest Chinese character, having a word is champion certainly, that is " retreat " word.

Liu Xiang is faced because of the injury blast quit game, astonished compatriots for a short while. This to a lot of people it is a fact that cannot accept. Why? Because everybody is right his hope is too big, he signs up for back and forth with a kind of such means as if a bit brutal, although he is well-founded, although he had used up the greatest effort, but the regret cannot be made up for however, the result cannot let a person accept a little apparently. But, come down calmly, feeling had be toed replace by reason. This is gymnastic glamour, casual charm. Everything should endeavor only, actually result already not important, liu Xiang takes an injury to insist to come to the scratch line all the time, to him, this had passed importunate score.

Put down sports, another retreats a word, be return a house retreat, and be " return a house without reason " . Since business of Beijing some development was hit June " return a house without reason " later, development business of the whole nation already in succession follow the lead of, and had had the possibility that becomes a kind of tide. Tianjin, natural also won't exceptional. Recently, peaceful amounts to real estate of construction one's style of work as well as one's moral quality to be in " style bamboo condition (examine a map) project specification is met " the falling-rising tone bright, this project will be executed " return a house without reason " policy. In quiet building town, lifted trifling billows again.

Develop business and the asymmetry between the person that buy a house, producing change sadly. Development business is in unprecedented ground to casting olive to the person that buy a house with his greatest courage. Wang Jianlin ever had said the 10 thousand president that amount to a group a word: "Estate sale should have technical content, the market that sells a house like selling Chinese cabbage is abnormal. " we are popularized come, develop business to sell the business of the house cudgel one's brains for is a mark that the market begins to be returned to to reason, but this is one begins merely.

Of course now, in building city, still have " retreat " , that returns the land namely, this is not a news any more. Do not have friendly intercourse retreat the ground to arrive " return a house without reason " this a series of incident, reflecting the nervousness that develops business capital chain at present really.

Of the person that buy a house wait-and-see the reflection that promoted development trade, from go up objectively tell, this to the market it is a meddlesome affection. So all sorts of skill come on stage in succession: Dozen fold, naked fall, Xiang Moren buys room group compromise, plus " return a house without reason " . All tenet has only: Sell the house go out, receive fund! And to buying a house person for, they are seeing cheap and fine the hope of the house.