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Lord of Yang Wei all-round ever borrowed to Teng Haibin to buy a ho

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The villa that father Yang Yuan of Yang Wei tastes is located in celestial being peach to be in in high-grade community, contain around garden and garage, gross area amounts to 700 much square metre. This is Yang Wei of champion of gymnastic Olympic Games is in the home of celestial being peach, the neighbour on the side is Zheng Lihui. Villa is called " Ao Yinglou " , was 2000 of the award after Sydney Olympic Games, connect land for building one case, saying external at that time is value 500 thousand.

In May the middle ten days of a month, the reporter is in the home of celestial being peach and Beijing to Yang Wei later first, yang Yuan tastes the father that listens to Yang Wei and fiancee Yang Yun related a lot of unbeknown stories. (dream of Liu of Yao of driveway of reporter Ceng Jing's trainee)

  It is a poppet as a child

City of celestial being peach's biggest square calls gymnastic square, conspicuous is above the white marble of 4 worlds gymnastic champion is statuary, among them Yang Wei's bust stands tall and upright in southeast side.

Through gymnastic square, come very quickly " Ao Yinglou " . Yang Yuan tastes Yang Wei's father to just come back from Beijing, in interviewing, hear most is " Yang Wei is an obedient child as a child " . It is the parent or teacher no matter, have rarely when hitting him, because " he is too obedient! " Yang Yuan tastes say, yang Wei and photograph of sail of elder sister poplar are compared, disposition as it happens is contrary. If Yang Wei and elder sister are blamed by father at the same time, yang Wei can not talk, go darlingly doing work, and the elder sister must be contended for win.

But in gymnastic training, yang Wei has an emulative mind however. Illuminative coach Peng Youping of Yang Wei says, yang Wei drills in one's childhood gymnastic, the palm is ground on horizontal bar gave hematic blister to also do not tell a coach, enrage so that the coach hits his bottom. Yang Wei is biting a tooth however, keep back tear insists to train, this makes Peng Jiao experienced up to now unforgettable.

Yang Wei enters physical culture school 5 years old, 11 years old take class of gymnastics of athletics of Wuhan body courtyard, every week visibility parents. Speak of Yang Wei this name, poplar mom at that time is to think of the character of heroism of the depict on a lot of books is used " show one's strength " will describe, decide to be taken to the child " Yang Wei " this name. Dan Yang's mom " hope children will have a bright future " desire, till 2000 Sydney Olympic Games just is able to come true. That Olympic Games, yang Wei helps Chinese team carry off male round champion.

And as father, it is clearer that Yang Yuan tastes a likelihood, son " Yang Wei " what is cost.