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The graduate student takes portable prefab to go to school the room

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"Portable " prefab

Yi Lisha is white

  Yale dormitory chummage is expensive, live not easy

Occupy American media 13 days to report, favour of graph of white · of Li Sha of American girl Yi is Boer will read a graduate student at heading for a Yale this year in September. To save costly building hire as far as possible, yi Lisha forged a plan that try to be unique in vain: She should take portable " mobile building " go reading to the Yale.

   Chummage is costly produce idea

According to the report, boer life is in the favour of graph of Yi Lisha white · that is 26 years old city of baud of Niu Baili of city of Zhu Sai of American horse Sa, be graduated from American Maine division to compare academic environment politics and economics major and city of equestrian Sa Zhu Sai she of institute of governor of city of heart of Bai Fei Er will head for American Yale forest and environmental research institute to assiduously study graduate student degree in September this year.

Yi Lisha white estimation charge that oneself are in city of button black article to live two years, although oneself and others close,she discovers rent apartment, she is expended in the dormitory accommodation when the Yale reads will be as high as 14000 dollars at least. To save this huge cost as far as possible, yi Lisha white brainwave easily, forged a plan that try to be unique: She plans to taking portable " prefab " go reading to the Yale!

   Although the house is small completely of the five internal organs

Yi Lisha has begun to fill in in Ma Sazhu nowadays in vain oneself make on a clearing that the city does obeisance to institute of governor of city of phenanthrene Er heart this portable " prefab " . Yi Lisha did not come this in vain " university dormitory " 5.5 meters long, 2.4 meters wide, it is built on chassis of trailer of a flat, can be procrastinated to move like trailer thereby. Although its area has left and right sides of 13 square metre only, but " although spadger is small, completely of the five internal organs " , was become by space inside it an an an a cubicle, storeroom, small study, small kitchen, still have even " little sitting room " with a small washroom! The area of washroom has left and right sides of 1 square metre only, yi Lisha admits to say in vain: "Yes, it special ground is little. It special ground is little..

   High-tech and environmental protection develop simultaneously

Yi Lisha says in vain, her this portable " little room " will be full of high-tech and environmental protection feature, this " little room " will by 3 solar energy board provide energy, solar energy generates electricity board can offer illumination to the house, the notebook computer that gives her provides electric power. Yi Lisha says in vain, she uses propane gas cuisine in hut lieutenant general, the charge that every school year spends her him estimation to go up in propane gas has 200 dollars only at most. Additional, the housetop of this portable prefab is to use can circulate aluminium is made, and the ceiling is to use the caique canvas that can circulate to be made, what besmear brushs inside also is environmental protection paint.