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2008 estate of industry of 10 large profitable sudden huge profits

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One, cosmetic

The cosmetic that says here basically is the high-grade product that points to an entrance. Disclose according to the personage inside course of study, frost of a bottle of eye is in before so-called world a few advanced cosmetic Chinese inland retail prices is more than 900 yuan / 50ml, control for 600 yuan in Hong Kong price, and its are made add cost of cost of research and development to be a RMB only 229 yuan. And certain and advanced change change taste those price the cost such as hundreds of yuan eye frost and lipstick is lower. As to those at every turn the hundreds of perfume of on 1000, its cost is the price of perfume bottle almost. The high-grade cosmetic with these spectacular gain does not resemble advertisement to the power of consumer medium belle is so tender ah...

2, day changes articles for use

In chemical of general of everyday use with individual cleanness things profit is the hugest. It is with toothpaste exemple, the cost of 120 grams toothpaste has 5 wool money only, no matter its sale price is ten still be two money. And we waste bigger shampoo water in daily life its gain is bigger, and not be absolutely under toothpaste, the shampoo water advertisement that in thinking TV, is full of understood. As to respecting harm, return so that carry pair of compatriots to fool, boast a common clean articles for use into the function that has health care to taste, be a kind of harm to our intelligence quotient?

3, beverage

In carbonic acid of all beverage Central Africa kind the gain of fruit juice beverage is the biggest, the cost of fruit juice beverage of a few money has market retail price only of its retail prices very one of, and the cost that helps coal tub beverage easily also nothing more than be such just. Spoken parts in an opera, the cost of certain beverage also is mixed is money of a bottle almost like perfume. Of course, we should calculate the sentence of beverage cost strictly, content sheds cost to also must want to consider to go in. But no matter how, the profit of beverage is extremely tall.

4, liquor

The profit of liquor we can from flank experience it has many tall. Before a few years, king of CCTV advertisement mark is almost annual by wine kind company place forestall. Having alcoholic drink of pool of a year of the Qin Dynasty is to grabbing A spy gold more paragraph advertisement mark king when because put greatly satellite and astonished the throughout the country. If do not have sufficient profit, which enterprise dares such with great quantity. Before paragraph the Hua Shicheng of foreign wine Zhi that time is troubled by bubbling with noisely removes a bottom to also did not let us understand wine greatly originally kind profit of a huge sum. In addition, everybody still does not believe certain white spirit is so called how many years how many old wine, manufacturer was not spent then patiently really make so for long, just was to apply activator of some kind of industry to accelerate ferment the process stops. In you half drunk wake partly between, although the harm that wine master gives you is deep may be painless however.