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Young woman has great mind play to say real estate group 5 big fema

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In the world that encircles this man move about freely and quickly in real estate, the female still also has your person cannot the position of small gaze, show the landed group nowadays in, with respect to figure of active chief of a batch of women, they use their beauty and wisdom, a day that gave oneself is entered inside course of study.

Wang Qiuyang: Beautiful malic wife
The identity: Be in charge of today the group carries out a president

Similar figure: Xi Shi. The fabulous Fu child of gauze of wash of Xi Shi of the belle that jump over a country all knows, her beauty is a kind of soft beauty that accumulating culture of traditional Changjiang Delta. On the west child when holding a heart in both hands, most propbably is effeminate to acme, of the cherish of pity letting a person. But, once her bear has the heavy responsibility of answer country, the history is created because of her, also helped sb to fulfill his wishes " undergo self-imposed hardships so as to strengthen one's resolve to do sth " everything what place of this literary quotation includes.

The impression that Wang Qiuyang leaves us is effeminate, but her experience tells us what cries however outside soft inside firm. She likes to go out to run, experience unrestrained life. Her in one's heart fills adventurous mind, ever went to antarctic adventure, ever also drove 50 days oneself brave enters Tibet and berth of Xinjiang collect cloth unmanned area.

And in be called " archives of husband and wife " in the company, wang Qiuyang basically is in charge of the day-to-day management of the company, in acting similar family " virtuous wife " part. Then, a fact that we see is, mr Zhang Baoquan can to the top of one's bent " apple " this concept is deduced so that swing gas ileum. On this meaning, can you remove a monicker to cry to king president " beautiful malic wife " ?

Shen Lin: Young woman has great mind
The identity: Tai He (Hong Kong) group vice president

Similar figure: Zhang Ailing, china of a 20 centuries most only beautiful woman, and her that " famous should before it is too late " also let a person know her looking is young woman to having what kind of horizon and mind.

Shen Lin is held dish the courtyard on canal bank, those who go is the course that a person of extraordinary powers of a kind of Chinese style returns to curtilage, the style of culture of continuance China district, this is her interest. If can combine the interest to the career together with the job,she thinks, it is a the happiest thing. It seems that she accomplished this. She feels right high post wife, tenderness is exquisite it is insufficient, should have state of mind, horizon and mind more. And the more difficult when, want to maintain self-confidence, gentle state of mind more, do not want be swayed by considerations of gain and loss. Besides the job, hear Shen Lin likes to read a book, still can write the article that gracefuls and restrained single-handed, let a person admire unceasingly.