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Exposure of villa of Liu Xiang Shanghai 6 rooms 3 hall 4 defend at

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Liu Xiang had bought one place villa in Shanghai secret. Recently, liu Xiang the photograph of site of the 3rd home by media exposure.

   3 curtilage one area affection decides Pu Tuo

Be in with giant star of a few international of different country cosmopolitan have property photograph to compare, 3 homes site of Liu Xiang not only be in same a city, be in even same an area, his emotional this shows to Pu Tuo one spot.

In-house establishment

Be located in general Tuo warden to ask for Xinchengzhong what a person's mind takes is auspicious renown mansion was built 2002, the community of park water scene of this 300 thousand square metre is mixed by couplet body villa, independent villa decorate small high level to comprise completely.

Last year the end of the year, auspicious renown mansion rolled out source of last batches of rooms, basically give priority to with the 3 rooms of 160 square metre with the two rooms of 115 square metre, all valence square metre of 20000 yuan of / .

What Liu Xiang buys inside the village is some earlier the independence of moment building is villatic, had decorated at present end.

In-house establishment

Although its buy valence and development actually to whether business considers celebrity effect and give favourable unknown, but go up in net of some famous house property, auspicious renown Di Yi is covered " building time 2004, 439 square metre of floor area, 6 rooms 3 hall 4 defend, have not decorate " villatic, had been marked a price 14.5 million yuan, all valence square metre of 33030 yuan of / .

Advertisement of center of name of dawn of Su Di spring changes teacher of room give presents

After Athenian Olympic Games, award of government of general Tuo district gives Liu Xiang a room. Anthology will be chosen, was in surely finally macrobian road the name of Chun Xiao of Shanghai Su Di of 800 lane encloseds ground for growing trees. Suzhou river is overlooked on the west, a Le Fu leans south, a sector of an area is flourishing, the life is easy.

Two design reduced one ladder the opportunity that Liu Xiang and new neighbor meet, and development business also expended idea ground to choose the room name of 1101 for Liu Xiang quite, means 110 meters of column the first.

About this new home, circulate more extensive story is Liu Xiang pats advertisement to change a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, give master Sun Haiping.