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Yu Deqing: Development business is done " push-up " common people "

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Estate development business of China is not general have ability, comparative however have ability. Before two days, lun Ganggang of big wrist Feng is in real estate too lakefront appeal develops business study " the pig is firm " good example, one's voice in speech did not fall, the development business of Nanjing answered an appeal to make push-up.

According to " contemporary wall bulletin " 9 days of reports, "Push-up " this one recently catchword of the best-selling on the network, had appeared in Nanjing central road is in gigantic on house property placard -- " house price won't plunge, just doing push-up " . This placard just hanged the eyeball that attracted numerous passerby, everybody draws out skill machine, camera to take a picture in succession accept as a souvenir.

Advertisement no more than attracts eyeball namely, at this point and theory, the purpose that develops business has been achieved apparently. Somebody already prepared to send this advertising picture to the net, go applying for " history on the most arrogant house property advertisement " .

Developing business to advertise with network catchword is the effect that amuses in production show it seems that. Do not cross this " humorous " in, those who containing is apparent not be childishness of popular of people of a recreation. "House price won't plunge, just doing push-up " -- still be banner undoubtedly business of bright and upper clear house property absolutelies refuse to to depreciate, the position that fills forcedly blindly. This has made house property trade the consensus of certain person. However, to house property business, since does not have the midsummer of fructification now, it is the severe winter that a life and death chooses more. Be in too of the lake bank, logical sequence of Feng of house property big wrist expresses, face current estate market current situation, "We want those who find our to live method, should become namely ' the pig is firm ' . " just, does house property business rely on to do push-up to exercise good body to you can become " is the pig firm " ? This enough makes a person suspect. House property business people criticise economist sings empty room city to be not reason easily, so fall in so adverse environment, is house property business maintained forcedly blindly, absolutely refuse to to depreciate to the level that which is accord with rationality have again? The truth is very actually plain, "The pig is firm " still relied on to eat charcoal to drink rainwater ability to come down alive quite at least, if house property business no matter thirty-seven thousand one hundred and ninety-one reject to depreciate sell a house, it is active fast undoubtedly, rely on to hit advertisement to promote confidence and true energy of life to also win as the spirit of A Q to oneself law, cannot save a life. Subsist is all biologic instinct, go up in this problem " the pig is firm " those who lean is natural, and house property business people criterion all the time advocate wants reason.