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Wait not to come solid food can sacrifice only fine number develops

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Although some are radical, but look not without the truth, you were read become benevolence person the person that see Ren Zhi sees wisdom!

Although the estate market is unquestionable forward progress henceforth, spring already not far.

After be just like an earthquake, total somebody is rescued, or White Area always can be greeted like liberating.

But, the development business with total a little unfortunate meeting, do not do " the pig is firm " , wait not to come Red Army. The meeting is brave in be adjusted this " sacrifice " .

"Happy family is similar, wretched family, the misfortune that has each each " .

Different development business, have each each " dead " law.

   Stupid dead:

On this kind of development, good got a bit money not easily. The likelihood is before the painstaking money that half a lifetime takes save money of market change alley, or everywhere bank of mendicant scrape together borrows dot, enterprise to lend a feature, defect of project, material, good had built the house not easily. Want to take the advantage of estate originally fervent energy earns a bit greatly, but be not those who do visit line of business before, or fixed position is unscientific, or sale lack art. Result consumer does not buy sheet namely. Development business returns day lack art, be about to cry without the tear. The result is not by bank hound somebody to death, be chopped dead by gangdom namely, without giving thought to how, because,be oneself " stupid " dead, this kind of case is the stupiddest, this kind of result also is the most miserable.

   Card is dead:

One individual neck just was extended come, but the body produces not to come, be by card inside a hole. Cannot move, breath not free, also come to help without the person, both hungry and thirsty finally, the result was died by card. This story is developing business is such deductive: Good raised money not easily a bit capital, the project makes progress certain level, regrettablly sequel is lack of power, already short of sale allows a condition, development business also cannot find a partner, development business also wants to be less than the financing method of other. Fraught wait dead over, or pork is become Chinese cabbage sacrifice.

   Starved to death:

Extremely big drought, grain is not had close, do not lend money, cadge all the way, nobody are paid attention to, suffer hunger and cold, starved to death go up in the road. Similar story is here such performing: Have a land not easily very much, regrettablly money is constrictive, do not lend a money, other co-worker is right the market also self-distrust, do not be willing to receive the sweet potato of this next very hot hands. Development business does not raise money hard capital, sell an item only, and the company also is disbanded subsequently.