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The son buys a house " gnaw often " want a Fu Qiyun mother most pro

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Son of 28 years old should buy room marriage, because do not have money to need parents " assistance " head pay, because whether should write receipt for a loan,can be and brawl rises, as a result mother of 60 years old is enraged proper field heart attack, faint in the ground. On October 4 afternoon, doctor of classics downtown hospital protects personnel urgent rescue, the old person is fluky escape from a danger. The reporter learns from center of town drive sanitation subsequently, be opposite according to them the sampling investigation of family of share of the 4 divisions inside city, the youth buys a house now " gnaw old " the phenomenon is commonner. In more than 1000 families of investigation, the youth of 80% above buys a house to count parental support, "Parents goes a Fu Zi daughter to still be borrowed " the general pattern that mode becomes most youth to buy a house.

The son buys a room to want to parents head pay

"Because buy the business of the house, an old lady of 60 years old is enraged to get a heart attack by the son! " on October 4 afternoon, a cure protects downtown hospital personnel mirrorred this matter to the reporter. The reporter hurries to a hospital instantly subsequently, the patient still is undertaking rescue, the patient's old partner is in rescue outdoor anxiously to-and-fro. "Family scandal! " the course that speaks of a thing, this year already Sun Laoxian of 61 years old is unripe shed tear. The old person tells a reporter, lie in the old partner that rescue is indoor is him, this year 60 years old, have heart disease already fast 10 years, take medicine regularly at ordinary times fortunately give or take an injection, control very well, did not think of to be given while still alive this by one's own son smell became faint. Original, unripe son is 28 Sun Laoxian years old, after the university graduates, do in a bazaar promote the work, preparation marries this year. On October 4 midday, the son puts forward with two old people, the hope lets them can give 500 thousand dynast to pay buy a bridal chamber, hold wedding again next. Take out so much money at a draught, two old people feel a bit demanding, want to discuss with the child, can preemptive an a bit less room. But son anyway does not agree, on the spot fall out, insist stubbornly the old person is defend to the last is worn money, not be willing to part with or use gives him.

The opinion is skimble-scamble the mother is enraged dizzy

Considering child marriage is an important matter, sun Laoxian's unripe old partner raises a requirement: It is OK to give money, but should write a receipt for a loan, every month returns 1000 yuan at least after. "Actually we have pension, the child does not give also not anxious eats and drink, writing no more than of receipt for a loan is to let a son know assemble money. " Sun Laoxian is unripe tell a reporter, son as a child by old partner be used to bad, because just worked before long, every month has two only 3000 yuan salary, plus the extravagant that spend money, spend every months a minute of money not remnant, so every month wants an old person to help him give money to pay rent. And the son wants 500 thousand yuan, this is the total saving of two old people, be in unhealthily considering two people personally, once produce danger affection to help repeatedly,money was done not have, ask so son " hit receipt for a loan to return money " , also be a hope can incentive a while child, let him can assemble money.