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Heating period came to stopped heat on April 5 second year on Novem

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Heat addition tries to water person look after the house should leave in the home when pressing

Morning paper dispatch yesterday, the reporter understands from unit of our city heat addition, heating power of Qingdao tall family has been in the place such as boreal village village to begin to try to water ahead of schedule pressure. Arrive today on October 30, tall family heating power will be in garden of sea of new residential quarter of mountain of boreal village village, gold, luck wait for area to try to water pressure.

The staff member warns a citizen, trying company of the heat addition before pressing to be able to shift to an earlier date paste announcement, try during pressing if discover establishment of the heat addition inside the building damages, should contact staff member of heat addition company to be shut instantly door or unit valve, control water outflow as far as possible, contact rehabilitate of business of unit of former property right, development or proper motion rehabilitate in time at the same time, lest delay normal heat addition. Try during pressing, the citizen should keep a person in the home, hair is existing run risk a leakage, can in time dial tall family heating power to refer a telephone call: 88903112, 88903689.

As we have learned, current, heating period is annual came on November 16 second year on April 5 (city in relief district, Huang Dao area and government of people of each county town can decide heating period by oneself) .

Want to stop hot dweller to want to be dealt with before October 10, not was during the regulation inside of application, the dweller wants regular pay to use hot fee. (Chen Yong of reporter of Qingdao morning paper)