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Home of culture of presiding high-quality goods protects city sale

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Rank city to embrace a bay to develop core board piece over, suffer the lily protecting interest that fix eyes upon fully field, afterwards room is exhibited can pick laurel of the gas that catch a person, after lifting city warmth upsurge, come out once more good news. The center is recieved south city of garden of lily of the · that protect interest (the road in Hong Kong 62, qingdao restaurant on the west side, hai Ledi is downstair) bend affection is filled now put, this day rises to be accepted formally register.

Below big Qingdao pattern, the city is northern, all directions becomes the most dazzling development window in giving priority to a city. Did not come several years, all directions warden amounts to the coasting of 5 kilometers, the life water front that becomes modernization, economy water front and zoology water front. Flourish of garden of the lily that protect interest resides the bay in rising abruptly to reside core of landscape new city, with the coast maintains 3 kilometers to be apart from appropriately on the west, actor enjoys city and seaside double and wonderful. Garden of lily of the · that protect interest is classical high-quality goods door design, great respect of stereo sloping field gardens, a this culture breath of strong feeling, dinkum city bay resides amorous feelings, , city is presiding home of high-quality goods culture be about to perfect appear.

According to reporter understanding, in October, everyday before 100 arrive caller door, all elegant gift is given. Up to already client of nearly 100 intent arrives now morning visit register.

Keep phone of building of carry out of benefit lily garden: 66775566 66773366
QQ group: 63110841

Sale of garden of lily of the · that protect interest reveals a center

Photograph of salesperson smiling face is greeted

Protect effect of garden of benefit · lily to reveal

The belle serves the beautiful lily in the festival for you

Garden of the lily that protect interest is linked --
City is presiding home of high-quality goods culture

Protect garden of benefit • lily, cover an area of 68 thousand square metre, total floor area makes an appointment with 230 thousand square metre, by 15 the residence of heart type high level of contemporary and contracted style reachs center of activity of nursery school, culture, community service center, close the high grade form a complete set such as commerce forms the 10 thousand community of smooth rice. The project takes a this culture concept, elaborate carve 60 - space of 120M2 high-quality goods, advocate achieve 70 - 90 M2 is delicate two house, 3 house, make personally for city elite quantity only. Culture community pays attention to zoology more, by the Osborne with top-ranking international force of use up all one's resources of landscape design firm makes sloping field large gallery of stereo gardens landscape, the tall afforest of 60% above is enclothed rate, gardens is sent south, build water according to slope, it is ground of city nucleus be appreciative over, the home of high-quality goods culture that zoology appropriate occupies.