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Bridal chamber of pop chart of sale of city of insular a tower over

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September pop chart of city of insular a tower over a city gate

Trade according to Qingdao estate the data on central net: In September, assembly of house of Qingdao city commodity hands in a quantity to amount to 3775, with gross of sale of bridal chamber of whole in August town 3006 photograph comparing grow 769, clinch a deal gross annulus is compared rose 25. 6% . Although people is talking about building city low fan, "Gold 9 " be in hard, but from clinch a deal in light of gross, sale of Qingdao building city had really in September substantially growth, arrived especially in September the last ten-day of a month, numerous project collective rolls out insular city favourable policy, no matter be " bright fall " or " dark fall " , in numerous home new the effort that helps city issues dish of collective, sales volume of the half moon below September soars, also be " silver 10 " stayed to expect.

Lao is a mountainous area from Zun An demeanour arrives Kang Chengxin old project is alternant sell like hot cakes

The bridal chamber sale with a mountainous area in September Lao presents the appearance that gave a kind of extremely rough this mortal world. On one hand, lao is a mountainous area with clinching a deal that month 966, hold whole town bridal chamber clinched a deal in September the tall house of of 25% outstanding outstanding achievement of gross is in Qingdao building city most the buy of first place of a list of names posted up of area of sell like hot cakes; And on the other hand, lao is a mountainous area 23 projects that making work in September each sale status is extremely lopsided, only actually two projects are in in the final analysis sell like hot cakes.

The sale is most hot is east bank demeanour firstly, as in August the sale champion of Qingdao building city, east bank demeanour sold 530 gross to become with the month again in September in September the sale champion of Qingdao building city. Because this project majority attributes directional sale,be probably, enter the last ten-day of a month in September so, after volume be the lucky number ends about, the sale of east bank demeanour appeared apparent craven, in the last a week September this purpose clinchs a deal to be 34 only, although pretty good also, but to it before at every turn hundreds of sale is compared very hard. And in Zun An demeanour loses sale heat gradually while, lao is a mountainous area rose abruptly once more in September a project of brand-new sell like hot cakes -- Kang Cheng, kang Cheng clinched a deal in all in September bridal chamber 319, september the Ji Jun on pop chart of Qingdao building city, in next half moon September, kang Cheng ever sold gross 2 weeks to exceed east bank demeanour continuously, solemn to had replaced east bank demeanour to become Lao a mountainous area a when go up new erupt dot, become Qingdao urban district to sell outstanding achievement most " bright look " project. From Zun An demeanour arrives Kang Cheng, the alternant sell like hot cakes of new old project makes Lao a mountainous area building city scene is not had temporarily 2.