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Parvenu village elevator lies between 3 difference 5 " put down car

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"Parvenu village a few buildings elevator the canal of a few key-press with remnant not much amount to is used, still can shake in moving process, and not ventilated, indication floor sign became random code almost, went to which to rely on to guess completely, do not know when to can be repaired. " on October 1, live in a parvenu Mr Liu of the village is mirrorred to our newspaper, parvenu village 8 elevator on 4 high levels, different level land is put in the problem. The reporter interviews understanding to arrive subsequently, these " problem elevator " maintain capital general first by area finance pay for sb and expect to be repaid later, entrust company of new season property to undertake maintaining on behalf of owner by street agency again. To this, source of evening of king of committee member of city the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference expresses, elevator maintenance relies on a government " bury sheet " either long plan, the key is to want to publish relevant policy as soon as possible.

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Elevator lies between 3 difference 5 " put down carry pole with its load "

On October 1 morning, the reporter is in parvenu a building sees the village at the door 1 building elevator, the lamp on the indication card of two elevator is black. Owner Mr Liu that waiting for elevator tells a reporter, indicator light shines not to shine to still be indifferent to, want it to be able to run normally only not " put down carry pole with its load " , owner calculates " burn Gao Xiang " . Mr Liu says, be in on September 30, left elevator still gave trouble, property branch looked for a person to spend a few hours to just foster cordial relations between states. "The floor in elevator shows is random code completely, sit every time elevator went to which not to know, so complete that rely on to guess. " " about the same 35 days bad, still had appeared even the case that two elevator have a problem, owner people be forced to climb stairs. " Ms. Liu that lives in 24 tells a reporter, her mother and husband had undergone the experience that climbs stairs. "Old person of many years old 50 climbs 24, all over the face aglow, do not pant to go up, corridor does not have armrest, the lamp is misshapen also not complete. " Ms. Liu says, for the husband that climbs a building to be weighed with many jins 200 to the mother too weighty, they are to hire a room to live here, just move, the lift that gives trouble often lets her must consider to search residence additionally. "Would rather climbs stair to also do not sit elevator! " constant gentleman of many years old 60 tells a reporter, one day in the evening, the old partner is tired in elevator, she knocks forcibly cry desperately, the ability after half hours is discovered. After be being rescued to come, the old partner is frightened complexion is ghastly. She also suffers from after wherefrom went up " elevator dread disease " , in succession dare not sit several days again elevator.