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Dweller shape is accused street do denounce daylighting to counterp

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Peninsula Metropolis Daily on October 1 dispatch (reporter Chen Bo) street do build office to use a room, affected dweller daylighting because of recumbent dweller residence however. Recently, citizen week gentleman will promote city district street do accuse a court to ask for compensation. Via Li Cang the court chairs mediation, street do agree with 12 thousand yuan to compensate Mr Zhou, affirmatory build a building to affect his home daylighting no longer.

Mr Zhou lives in buildings of 4 the Lu Yidong in flowing's dweller 101, this building is as street as the road that start a city the office that runs to be being built uses Fang Xianglin. A few days ago, mr Zhou sees, unplug outside the window the ground and the house that have held off sunshine, affect the daylighting in the home. Mr Zhou finds construction square, but construction just expresses is to be the road that start a city street do build office to use a room. Mr Zhou finds the way that start a city street do, street do relevant controller and him to talk things over, express to be willing 4000 yuan of his compensation.

Recently, did not take the Mr Zhou discovery that compensates a paragraph tardy, street those who do in his home east begin to build a house additionally again outside the window. Fraught Mr Zhou submitted petition to the court rapidly, the requirement is street do perform compensation duty, increase compensation number 20000 yuan. This are street the attorney expresses in judicial mediation process, agency builds a house is governmental action, relevant formalities also is being dealt with, what built a building to affect the daylighting in Mr Zhou home really, street do agree to compensate, but can compensate 12 thousand yuan only. Mediation is chaired to fall in the court, both sides reachs intercessory opinion of one's own accord, street do gentleman of one-time compensation week 12 thousand yuan, affirmatory building a house now the house is built on the top.