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Aureate city tastes 10 thousand divisions demonstrative area opens

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Fall season, spend numerous fruit large, it is results and aureate joyance completely everywhere. On September 30 morning 9 when 30 minutes, area of Qingdao all directions " the garden that mirror hill " the park reachs 10 thousand sections aureate city tastes sale center, held the royal ceremony that open act. "The garden that mirror hill " be located in Shandong road north, the road austral Chongqing, Nanchang road, and the boundary of duckweed country way. All directions area is relevant the partner waits for client of sectional leader, intent, 10 thousand divisions suffer invite entered this activity.

The lively beat that welcome guest, genial smile, the visitor that greets each going to to visit. Chan Chan folds water to accompanying rising and falling composition, set off of distinguished personages sweet car is worn the delicate life with contemporary sharp move, quietly elegant of mobile spot atmosphere is not broken however enthusiastic. After the opening remarks with ebullient compere, brief aureate to activity and • of 10 thousand divisions city tasted the introduction. Invite leader of all directions district to appear on the stage to deliver a speech above all. The leader expresses, regard all directions area as big hill piece area old city transforms medium priority discipline, aureate city of • of 10 thousand divisions tastes great expectations be expressinged by government and society. In the meantime, affirmed actual strength of business of 10 thousand families and brand glamour further. Subsequently, the partner of 10 thousand divisions and leader of group of 10 thousand families appear on the stage to make a speech early or late. Leader of 10 thousand divisions thankses to the honored guest's arrival, put forward " the development that embrace a bay, make Qingdao new heart " the project develops train of thought, incentive faculty makes persistent efforts, achieve high-quality goods again.

Next, honored guest of cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony appears on the stage, for this second activity cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony. Right now the spot, gun salute in succession, colored ribbon flies upwards, crowd spurt gives out an applause and a hurrah. After ceremony of cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony ends, each leader, honored guest is related 10 thousand divisions of personnel accompanied next visitting " the garden that mirror hill " , aureate city tastes • of 10 thousand divisions between sale center and example.

As we have learned, "The garden that mirror hill " it is the landscape that as • of 10 thousand divisions aureate city tastes demonstrative area will plan to design, watch by Yi Daojing (Shanghai) professional international group, it is design theme with hill, sea, open up goes out open line of sight, fluent meandering, stereo vegetation, layer upon layer the step that go forward one by one, kiss water at any time and place, see hill. Use on any account the relief characteristic of strewn at random, mutual echo, create essay of landscape of form of rich vicissitudinous art. The imposing manner of water of emersion of setting of entrance wall water; Static swag has humanitarian reason quite; Gently open mode lawn, deduce open-minded bosom.