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Bay of rubber administrative division chunnel road of newest progre

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Workers are in Yunnan road advocate arch of steel of grille of the installation inside channel dark hole is worn, in order to secure dark hole terrane.

Project of line of chunnel Qingdao termination had the bay of rubber administrative division that morning paper dispatch gets attention fully again new progress. Yesterday, the reporter develops limited company know from municipal construction, up to now, divide Yunnan way advocate channel already to dark hole driving 25 meters outside, sichuan road advocate the pre-construction job of tunnel project already also was rolled out in the round, strive next year is formal first half of the year excavate.

According to municipal construction Ren Lizhi of chief engineer of development limited company introduces, because Qingdao sponsors Ao Fan of abstruse sail contest, incomplete to surpass, ask according to Olympic Games security especially, dynamite stops to supply since July 12, advocate of channel blow up partial shutdown two months. As abstruse sail contest, incomplete Ao Fan surpasses conclude, the project resumed construction in the round on September 15. End by September, yunnan road advocate the excavate of 27 thousand stere reachs the cubic metro of earth and stone of channel mouth tunnel, bright hole that finish outside carry, finish two side ferroconcrete to block a wall at the same time rice and 92 645 stere concrete. 2 increases to assure time limit for a project of channel whole construction inclined shaft, according to tearing open change to ask for the ground the job develops plan, strive construction preparation is finished before the end of the year.

Regard green yellow chunnel as the main component of the project, mouth of bay of bay of rubber administrative division the building of project of line of chunnel Qingdao termination, chunnel traffic and urban district quick way network formed organic whole, conduct a town from single center to much center, from monomer city to the city group development.

(photography reports Sun Jingfang of reporter of Qingdao morning paper)