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Zhong Haixi is in with demonstrative area between bank example of t

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In sea • bright bank

Sitting room

Business street

On September 29, zhong Haixi is in with demonstrative area between bank example of the festival festival in royal and open, a lot of clients can't restrain excitement to want It is a pleasure to be the first to read an artical or see a film. . Do not open, recieve a client many groups 30.

In the gate of air of sea • bright bank already imposing stands tall and upright. Enter a gate, bouncing drop fountain is singing gay music, the embattle like flags of marble potted flower is in road both sides, believe all clients should be mixed the reporter is same, feel a kind of exalted move that is welcomed by the ceremony.

The trail that a winding path leading to a secluded spot inside demonstrative area is in, archives picture is surrounded like fairy tale, silent the light of Europe type dark that stand tall and upright, each place design shows originality, the reporter goes immediately without be willing to part with or use between example, the sea in be appreciated however along trail makes the bright bank view that give. In the end of demonstrative area, installed cool chair and water system, show on program intent, it is one Lai Xian forms a delegation here garden. Sit on cool chair, can have visions of is satisfied in the future and carefree life.

Had stepped all the way red carpet, come to example. This second in the 87 two rooms of smooth rice are between the model that sea • bright bank shows two hall are defended and two hall defend the 89 two rooms of smooth rice. Contracted and pure and fresh adornment style, big bizygomatic breadth is short into deep, fully complete bright door model the design lets whole room appear clear is practical. Especially two hall defend the 89 two rooms of smooth rice, give as a result of what bedding face accumulates landscape balcony, put apart the space that transforms 3 rooms, via calculating, economic rate exceeded 100% . Adviser of the estate that occupy place introduces, on October 1, will have work way open between example, reveal the true material fact that builds a house to expect to the client, let a client be bought clearly, those who live be at ease.

Additional, during 11 National Day, sea • bright bank is divided in continue to popularize " integral plan " outside, still roll out " celebrate in all 11 buy a house civilized " activity, every is during National Day (on September 29 -- on October 7) bank of the Hai Xi in the choose and buy clinchs a deal, will from the building consign hind rises the 2nd year, win the privilege that one year property expends derate. It is OK also that this property expends favourable amount direct when the autograph is made an appointment with convert touchs subtract for house price.