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Building town is small confuse a sale to go out to enrol house prop

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Of village of 8 big lakes secondhand price of every square metre is the room 7500 yuan, stage east the house of area also is on the net hang out 6500 yuan / the low of square metre... when just when be about to buy the person of the room to think,collecting defecate appropriate to hit the past to enquire hastily, be without exceptional ground to be uprighted to tell this house by the room almost " already work off " , after that room interpose begins to recommend with source of room of a sector of an area. Town of insular a tower over a city gate is small fan, recently, intermediary of partial house property " unwilling loneliness " move had head, hang out " low room " prevail on client comes, but if the client puts forward to want to buy, room interpose does not provide source giving a room however. A the most unusual room uprights, the 4 flatlet of hang out actually all " already work off " . To this, the room is in charge of a branch to express about the personage, this is figure of a kind of self-destruction " help city " means, it is a kind of commerce fraudulent action.

This morning, already advertent and secondhand room Mr Zhang opens the citizen of a many month discovery of net of some house property, what notice long is located in village of 8 big lakes one set already is secondhand price of every square metre still is less than the room 7500 yuan, mr Zhang feels this flatlet source is in the price in be the same as a sector of an area is low many, and door model pretty good also, make him more of chuckle to oneself is, this flatlet source has registered a month on the net did not clinch a deal, explain house price still has the room that discuss. "Secondhand the room also is not carried eventually! " Mr Zhang calls to room interpose hastily, be informed however unexpectedly this flatlet source " already work off " . Room interpose personnel asks Mr Zhang leaves connection way subsequently, recommend additionally a few room sources that are the same as a sector of an area to its, but quote of every square metre passes these a few houses high 10 thousand yuan.

Stage east area appears 6500 yuan / the low room of square metre, there also is every square metre on Zhenjiang road all valence 5000 yuan room source... and near these areas secondhand house price still maintains for the most part making an appointment with 8000 yuan / square metre. Reporter " clean out a room " when the accused knows, of every inn hang out " low room " already sold almost. The most unusual is interpose of one wife and children room, the source of 4 low room that the reporter hangs this inn on the net asked, the answer of room interpose personnel is " already work off " . Since had made work,face a reporter go out for a long time, why to remove the doubt of information, the clerk that most room uprights says is " forgot " .

To this, a personage inside course of study expresses, "Eliminate to belong to a house to sell the case that go out really partly, do not eliminate individual intermediary hang out false information, with will attract the eyeball that buy the home. " disclose according to this personage inside course of study, these low rooms that the room uprights basically are to solicit a client. It is with the house of village of 8 big lakes exemple, "Can use 7500 yuan / the price of square metre attracts a client to call, recommend to its next more the house of higher-priced, pass client of ring of this kind of means, learn the other side to buy a room to expect demand, launch sale purposefully next. Launch sale purposefully next..