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Rank city to embrace a bay to develop core board piece over, suffer the lily protecting interest that fix eyes upon fully field, afterwards room is exhibited can pick laurel of the gas that catch a person, after lifting city warmth upsurge, come out once more good news. It is reported, protected benefit lily garden on October 4 the center is recieved south city (the road in Hong Kong 62, qingdao restaurant on the west side) bend affection Cheng Fang, this day rises to be accepted formally register.

Brand series the whole line upgrades, make master piece of area surveyor's pole

Regard center look forward to as landed admiral, baolide produces be pregnant with to wear those who make Chinese landed Great Wall is grandiose wish scene, all previous classics 16 years of 18 cities, with harmonious, natural building concept, the building of exquisite, human nature is designed, the warmth, humanitarian environment with the United States, established award of ground of an another town drive.

Produce one of mature brand series as Baolide, liliaceous garden makes the Dai Yan statement of home of high-quality goods culture already: From Na Yuean the city arrives northland Shenyang, go to capital Beijing from Baotou of north of the Great Wall, arrive at caique nowadays -- glamour Qingdao, every reach one point, those who stay is high-quality goods also be classical. Qingdao keeps line of residence of high-quality goods of continuance of benefit lily garden, more the living habit that combines distinctive naturally appearance and mainland, the whole line that had a product upgrades. Protect benefit lily garden, the surveyor's pole master piece that establishs character life for area, initiate insular castellan to shed living times!

Flourish occupies ground of city nucleus be appreciative, the bay resides new city to be about to rise abruptly

Below big Qingdao pattern, the city is northern, all directions becomes the most dazzling development window in giving priority to a city. Did not come several years, all directions warden amounts to the coasting of 5 kilometers, the life water front that becomes modernization, economy water front and zoology water front. Flourish of garden of the lily that protect interest resides the bay in rising abruptly to reside core of landscape new city, with the coast maintains 3 kilometers to be apart from appropriately on the west, actor enjoys city and seaside double and wonderful.

On October 4, the center is recieved south city of garden of the lily that protect interest (the road in Hong Kong 62, qingdao restaurant on the west side) bend affection Cheng Fang, classical high-quality goods door design, great respect of stereo sloping field gardens, a this culture breath of strong feeling, dinkum city bay resides amorous feelings, , city is presiding home of high-quality goods culture be about to perfect appear.

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