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Beijing Shanghai Hangzhou wait for current situation of price of house of 8 repr

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Recently, to China about the expert current situation of price of house of 8 representative towns is mixed situation undertook an analysis.

In short supply of Beijing effective land

The expert thinks, creating the source that Beijing house price rises is Beijing effective land in short supply. The finite sex of land natural resources decided to supply the insecurity that go up. And the political culture center that Beijing regards the whole nation as, the population that flows into every year is numerous, these flow into population to become one of main force that buy a house; At the same time Beijing collects degree of highest city as countrywide college, every year a lot of graduate leave capital, also will face the problem that buy a house. The house price of Beijing falls very hard.

Price of house of effect of Shanghai world rich rises

Shanghai estate economy was analysed to take hot account when Mr Li that Shanghai resides estate academy easily to develop an institute is accepting media to interview, he says: "World rich met 2010 undertake authority decided Shanghai serves as again internationally metropolitan identity, the house price that also drove it at the same time rises. The house price that also drove it at the same time rises..

Wealthy person of Hangzhou other place is bought " 10 thousand yuan of rooms "

2007, hangzhou appears generally " 10 thousand yuan of rooms " , namely every square metre is in 10 thousand yuan of above. Annals of king of expert of house property plan just thought " the building city of Hangzhou is wealthy person props up the other place mostly those who rise. They buy a house in Hangzhou, can come to Hangzhou as oneself already the living dot that this world heaven travels, can serve as investment again, the market is valued by everybody. The market is valued by everybody..

Nanjing building dish supply quantity did not increase

Nanjing " new the city zone " building of Jiang Ning dish, the price in the morning is 3900/ square metre, but arrived to rise 5100/ square metre afternoon. Much home media reported this news, weigh its " creation " 2 hours of every square metre house price soares 1200 yuan record, call " legend " . To Nanjing " grab a room " phenomenon, in room index system (Nanjing) Gu Yin of research chief inspector thinks, before two years, major common people still supports wait-and-see attitude to buying a house, but enter 2007, marriage room, remove the demand of the room begins to get releasing, and the supply quantity of house of market main rooms did not increase at the same time however, rise because of what this causes house price.

Chengdu " urban center is talked " draw insanity

Since the beginning of the year, the Xin Panliang photograph of center of the Chengdu City, greeted similar insanity almost, the personage inside course of study thinks, this basically is the value that urban center considers investment concept lets people be opposite again the investment value of house of urban center region is valued, the building that causes central the city zone dish development capacity jumps, the price rises the biggest also.