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Check city of 7 years of buildings is changeable forecast hasten of general tren

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Went soon 2007, check China building city, can generalize for 8 words: Building work diverse and confused, changeable.

Speak of from house price first. The whole nation is main big in estate price of the city falls in the adjusting control of all sorts of policy, value of estate of countrywide main city, in the market bullish or the eristic sound of be expected to fall is medium go up all the way come. November, price of house of 70 towns of countrywide rises to still be as high as 10.5% compared to the same period. Although Shanghai building city clinchs a deal the quantity is in glide, but the price still go up however raise. Only Shenzhen building city soares to support nearly, chill of the end of the year gradually thick, a few building dish begin to become loose, appear depreciate sale phenomenon.

Say land market again. Each district develops business corner a large number of land, the third of the twelve Earthly Branches year, the fourth of the twelve Earthly Branches year " flour " had been laid in, with period the wait for a good price to sell when arriving. In the meantime, a few capital appear on the market abundantly estate company never has stopped about the reserve competition of land. Landed oligarch people cast at every turn take the land a few yuan everywhere, each city " ground king " change goes, for a short while, "Flour " actually expensive over- " biscuit " .

Say the effect that financial policy brings again. The Central Bank raises deposit reserve 10 times to lead this year, capital of each commercial bank is critical, loan the issue with difficult, high cost makes the estate that relies on bank loan develops business day not quite feel well. The bank is added 6 times breath, rose 5 times 5 years among them period above room lends interest rate, make the pressure of reimbursement of the person that buy a house that relies on a bank to mortgage loan is increased, "Fang Nu " people it is incessantly of complain of suffering, rich still borrow ahead of schedule in succession. The pressure of breath is going up to fall in the meantime, each district estate invests behavior somewhat convergent, symptom of occurrence undersell of house property of Beijing high end. Suffer policy effect, the person that Shenzhen fries a room is decreased suddenly, bring about secondhand room intermediary closes ceaselessly. "Culmination buy course of study " die dish of one case shake inside and outside of course of study, the day of the accident, cause Shenzhen weight ground to produce an all fronts to drop.

The word says building city is changeable 2007, make bold is forecasted building city went 2008 situation.

The classmate that waited for urban a person of same business with Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan on the net recently building city walked along the topic of situation to undertake one time discussion 2008. Pass current situation of market of each city estate and expectant comparison, combinative state is macroscopical the analysis of economic policy situation. Oneself are right building city walked along the basic judgement of situation 2008 is: Hasten of general trends of countrywide building city is firm, wave motion of city of each town building has difference. Suffer the effect of macroscopical economic policy, the house price of countrywide main city went gradually 2008 gradually firm. Each cities get level of price of this locality estate, supply demand relations, benefit the influence of empty factor of good, interest, the difference that anticipates by the market decides house price is to go up is to drop to still keep balance, a few building dish the price that because of oneself the circumstance differs and the choice differs is politic, affect market price case to go thereby situation.