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Thorough analysis: The risk is accumulating building city presence to steep fall

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Before foreword:

" Shanghai harbor economy " magazine 2007 11 period published Yuan Chen morning " building city: Existence steeps fall gene " article, result of my a few study cited in article, had elaborated for many times in a lot of a few articles in me and speech, this already the angle of a third party will elaborate its action and sense are not quite same, the estate to analytic and current China and even world (house price) dense fog perhaps is inspired a bit, reason tries to reprint in my rich guest, explain hereby, look at everybody much make a comment or criticism.
Gu Haibo on November 22, 2007 at Shanghai

New dish the price rises ceaselessly

From this year the beginning of the year begins, each are big on Shanghai new dish of tone price that began to be very happy with it " motion " . No matter be outer shroud around in low building dish, a person of extraordinary powers that still is downtown curtilage. Lift in succession rise in price wet, house price level is climbed successively litre.

And be in numerous the Lou Panzhong that moves price again and again, along the line of general Tuo core (recover on the west the road, crossing that press down level ground) Tai Xinjia is afraid field is " therein celebrity " . Last year in June first degrees of open quotation when. Tai Xinjia decorates a room field all valence is in 1. Square metre of 650 thousand yuan of / is controlled; This year in June, tai Xinjia is making work field Fang Yuanjun price has been climbed litre to 2. Square metre of 10 thousand yuan of / ; Subsequently. Its go up again in price of source of carry out room move to 2 5 left and right sides of square metre of 10 thousand yuan of / ; Recently, when the reporter calls carry out cuddle to be in, the source of a batch of bridal chamber that is informed this dishes to roll out all valence is as high as 3 2 10 thousand yuan / square metre, the house price record of bank of Heibei of fast break Suzhou.

Royal garden is located in what how plow a road with Yi by the way to hand in collect place, belong to " rainbow bridge " quiet place is taken in be troubled by. By last year. When royal garden open quotation, all valence is basically surely 2. 1, 2 3 10 thousand yuan / square metre left and right sides; A few days ago, the reporter discovers data of the estate on the net to show, the referenced price that royal garden pushs room source newly in September has been achieved 4. Square metre of 50 thousand yuan of / , and when calling a selling office to seek testimony. Young lady of carry out building did not speak current exact quoted price, it is the answer says only, current, royal garden is all can make work Fang Yuanji is in 40 thousand yuan originally / square metre above.

Besides two afore-mentioned buildings that rise in price considerably dish beyond, shanghai major building dish appeared the attune on greater room value, include sunshine Paris (Xu collects an area) , Zhong Haiying stage (Xu Hui area) , Olympic garden (Song Jiang) , Shanghai Kang Cheng (Min Hang) , Bao Hua is contemporary city (brake north) , 10 thousand divisions.