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May price of next year house appear inflection point? Investor appropriate looks

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Media reported Shenzhen house price is in a week recently all fronts drops, even " drop to die approximately dish " ; Although Nanjing also has Jiang Beilou dish begin undersell to hit fold, but still have popular building dish need looks for ability of the relation, number that buy a house to grab a room. The end of the year, can Nanjing building city appear inflection point? Yesterday, the part develops business and experts to sit, even if talk " Nanjing estate market went 2008 situation " .

The message shows: The new building that Nanjing next year will have 80 or so dish appear on the market, and the Nanjing inside a month has nearly 60 buildings dish apply for in succession " get card " should appear on the market. Add main rooms to borrow, the policy rumour hasten such as taxation is close, have prophecy of the person that attend the meeting: Of city of building of next year Nanjing " inflection point " the likelihood appears.

The market: See empty element will send force gradually

November, the business of a development of river north buys a house to have 55 thousand yuan privilege at most to buying room person, and the Central Bank is added 5 times this year breath and " the 2nd flatlet " the room shifts constrictive policy, cause the market secondhand room " cast a room " grow in quantity. Common people guesses, country a series of policy of macroscopical adjusting control, get out of the way sends business and house-owner to be not maintained, such to next year abidance, the house price of Nanjing should fall for certain come down.

"Forecast the condition of next year, a few when should connect building city really ' benefit is empty ' message. " go up in forum, nanjing net still senior researcher analysis says estate research organization, one of, the psychological element below successive this year adjusting control policy, bought as wait-and-see as what do not buy mood to cause an effect to building city; Secondly, the hearsay that property tax collects is advanced ceaselessly, can cause the psychological effect on bigger level; Thirdly, "Room city stock market is changed " apparent, some common people do not lack a room, buy house investment however like buying a share, live oneself model the abidance of rigid demand decreases, what can bring about building city is not stable; Additional, the addition that the room borrows is brought about now a few village houses of Nanjing " the month that the room lends is offerred already exceeded hire " , invest redound " hang " can reduce the demand that buy a house.

Net still researcher of estate research organization discloses, from the point of the land supply of a few area, the plot that for instance Jiang Ning still did not have kilometer of 1000 much square wants development to appear on the market, according to at present the sale makes progress, also do not sell 10 years, because city of this Nanjing building can say,be to should enter to adjust period.