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Analysis of current situation of demand of countrywide estate market reachs deve

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Continue to rise to level of income of good, dweller as macroscopical economy setting, buy trade demand will be released stage by stage, below the progressively influence of macroscopical adjusting control, speed of construction of development of market of estate of 4 big cities puts Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen delay, and the state that investment of market of estate of second line city presents to increase considerably however, as a result of background of market of each district estate different, market of its supply and demand appears the development feature that gave to differ.

1.Population structure characteristic creates bulgy residential demand

From 2004 distributinging case of structure of Chinese mouth age can discover, because go up century the baby boom of 50 time, cause at present socially 25, 34 years old with 35-44 year old the age paragraph population proportion is quite large, both occupied total population 35% . The crowd of different age has different economic action, population structure will affect the consumption of estate and investment. Investigation shows, 25, crowd of 34 years old is worth the age that establishs a family, the 200 million much population during is being entered in succession marry, bear period, it is the age that buys a room to be centered most paragraph.

After Chinese housing was reformed 1997, welfare divides house system to cancel, make as policy development housing private ownership was caused trade the quantity breaks through each height, these are highlighted particularly in city of a gleam of, at present and other places of Shanghai, Beijing finished what the room changes a room already basically to fulfil. After normally the circumstance issued the person that buy a house to buy house property in the near future, at least a certain number of ability after year accumulate those who remove new purchasing power change house system as the room to deepen, the market trades the capacity will appear the atrophy of certain level. The 25-34 after from inside the graph at the same time we can discover 5 years year old population of the height that buy a house begins to glide from peak value, future first buy job will go now to fall.

Graph: Structure of Chinese mouth age distributinged 2004 circumstance

Data sources: 2005 Chinese statistic almanac

2.Urban district develops a process to quicken

The city is changed is one kind includes population structure, industry structure and demand construction substantially inside the metabolic process of whole socioeconomy structure. In this one process, agricultural population proportion drops gradually, industry and proportion of population of service line of business rise gradually, population and industry to town assemble, it behaves humanness mouth to be transferred to the city by countryside not only, and the rapid growth of urban population, the dilate of urban district, increase what still behave gross of pair of urban estate requirement ceaselessly.