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Real estate develops the current situation 2007 Chinese estate 4 big prophecy

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2007 Chinese estate 4 big prophecy
Yin Baicheng

For bubble of extruding room city, rise from last year in the center of, ceaseless brandish removes the heavy fist of macroscopical adjusting control. With compared last year, this year is chain of room city adjusting control a year when pull more closely, of strength of a series of adjusting control policy can say all-time.

Is body of bazaar of golden week building encountered cold not strange? “ of the person that insular city golden week buys a house calms awfully”City of insular a tower over a city gate sold pop chart in September 11 islands a tower over a city gate dish: Be willing to part with or use of?ldquo; of Yang a surname”Governmental “ saves city ” controversy the disease of room city dense that fierce medicine of adjusting control of card of this one post comes to a few years to the whole nation had a bit curative effect: Structural adjustment of housing of a few places had at long last germinant, taxation, credit and land policy also are fulfilled steadily, cheap hires house system construction to begin to bring into target system of job responsibility, room city order improves somewhat, room city spec begins refluent.

However, best fine medicine makes impossibly also a serious illness on person in the morning with respect to heal. From eye antecedent condition looks, because condition outflow uses sexual fund still leave no stone unturned should enter room town, and local government also is not willing to enter room city to try to restrict to foreign capital very much, basically be the huge attraction of estate investment sudden huge profits more, qingdao makes without Www.51fdc.com of care room net although add,estate invests this year fast have a bit drop, but dimensions still slants big, cause the industry such as steely, cement to invest high fever to be retreated hard; Reach the urban house price such as Huhhot, Dalian Beijing, spic, greatly to still rise in against the wind; Develop business not only, and understanding of policy of macroscopical to the country adjusting control is not worth many local government, overtly agree but covertly oppose even, still have the city of ground level above of 65% till the whole nation end September, the astral class city of 91.1% has not announce housing to build a program, city of above of 19 ground level has not build cheap to hire house system. Visible, the adjusting control of room city, still allow to weigh and the path is far.

In view of our country the moving situation of current and macroscopical economy, it is existing state of affairs of real estate development very especially, I am right 2007 even ever since 2-3 year real estate develops posture when to make as follows anticipate:

1, the country is right strength of room city adjusting control not only won't weaken, and will pay attention to more specific aim and executive strength, include the limitative policy that enters to foreign capital. If have policy to still can't cure disease, do not eliminate property tax timely come on stage. This categories of taxes passes through in the world, hold the proportion of the 70%-80% of property tax commonly.