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Market analysis: 2007 mobile phones city of room of stock market of city of endo

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Can the share that the citizen buys make money? Take a train and bus can cheaper? Can mobile phone cost fall? Does the price such as gas of water and electricity rise even? The horizontal … that house price can fall to be canned afford to oneself…

New Year beginning, " Chinese economy weekly " the famous learned man of each industry of country of engage by special arrangement and professional personage, the price level of the commodity to a few big fields that common people cared 2007 and service, the analysis of sex of the look up before giving and forecast.

Is body of bazaar of golden week building encountered cold not strange? “ of the person that insular city golden week buys a house calms awfully”City of insular a tower over a city gate sold pop chart in September 11 islands a tower over a city gate dish: Be willing to part with or use of?ldquo; of Yang a surname”Governmental “ saves city ” controversy to ask a car city: Can the price still fall how many?

The Chu Dong 2006 appears very cold, and to industry of whole China automobile, 2006 is a prosperous good the year's harvest. The statistic that seizes association of Chinese auto industry shows, chinese automobile industry rises from 1999 successive relatively rise substantially, 2006 more appear to grow strong, car produce and sale was 1 ~ respectively in November 659. 240 thousand with 645. 480 thousand, grow 27 compared to the same period. 92 % and 25. 49 % , annual breakthrough already was become 7 million times finality. In addition, in price respect, value of countrywide car market went low blandly 2006, fall also compare the corresponding period is apparently contractible 2005.

Come 6 years into the world, car price resembles sitting sliding board is same, fall again, market competition degree sees one spot. So, does the car this year depreciate whether will still wind continue? Integration analysis: Economy car and intermediate car depreciate this year range won't be too big, but in advanced car and luxurious car still have bigger depreciate space.

The reason basically analyses from the following respects: Above all, from the point of price mechanism, because manufacturer of these a few years of economy car uses the strategy of small profits but quick turnover, the price already neared cost area; And in advanced car consults the international market is congener product value, qingdao does not have Www.51fdc.com of care room net the level after at present domestic price imposes integrated custom duty under international market price slightly, long-term look, still what 15 % control depreciate space; Advanced car the majority is entrance car, at present price of international market of summary prep above increases domestic price the level after integrated custom duty, once turn to change manufacturing hind for this locality, can appear bigger depreciate space. Next, from the point of respect of supply and demand, the market supply and demand of economy car tends evenly; In the yield of advanced car just can begin to release, 2006 1 ~ in November, intermediate total sales volume grows 37 % compared to the same period.