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House price stops go up period price of 3 floor of business of big

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According to " youth on the weekend " reportorial house price, do not run city of Xiong Fu, ox, it is the topic that the person that buy a house cares most forever. At present, the whole nation by south to north, "Dozen fold wind " , " depreciate wet " say roiling on with full force.

A few days ago, beijing of Beijing statistic bureau, national statistic bureau investigates total fleet to release newest circumstance, beijing house price appears first this year stop go up. At present, ever enjoyed 2007 sell a room to resemble selling the Chinese cabbage, number that count money the development business with procurable soft hair people, have to house price why view, consistent? Taking this issue, 10 thousand of the SOHO that the reporter towerings like a mountain peak to Panshi, 10 thousand divisions of Wang Shi, Feng Lun, the business of 5 big house property such as the Hua Yuan of rich force of Li Sailian and Ren Zhijiang is in Beijing or of Tianjin.


Pan Shige claims overall carried SOHO China item on September 1 valence, rise in price extent is 5% , we dare rise in price namely. Meanwhile, he still appeals the government helps city, the estate business that if bedding face is accumulated,thinks " die " , domestic house price not only won't drop, can continue to rise instead.

Shi Ge of reporter investigation Pan is in Beijing the discovery of a project of 3 lis of collect, although SOHO of 3 lis of collect is in really,rise in price, do not think this is however inside course of study a kind rise in price truly. Be in a few " in-house personage " in the information that leak, bright go up dark falling sale situation is drawn the outline of. Original, the object that Laopan rises in price is 0 buy medicinal powder door. And move to those even if go up the ten million, big client that does a building to be bought even, old Pan Hui signs sheet personally, give bigger discount.

And Laopan must be in go against city to rise in price, according to the analysis, actually a little " much cry and little wool " , more it is to be SOHO project to earn eyeball.

   10 thousand divisions

Wang Shi is going early the end of the year says Chinese room city arrived inflection point, say or state with certainty the adjustment of domestic building city period had come, one language arouses 1000 billow. The from beginning to end that inflection point talks is published in Wang Shi, 10 thousand divisions begin fall after a rise really in the house price of the city such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou. Have media coverage, the purpose that 10 thousand divisions depreciate is to hit small development business, clear the market.

10 thousand divisions investigate to be located in Beijing during reporter National Day " in grain violet center " discovery, the building of Beijing average house that this can weighs example dish, its price did not follow Wang Shi " inflection point is talked " come on stage and immediately fall after a rise, strong all the time instead large half an year, just began 1000 yuan to reduce every square metre sadly recently, be Wang Shi " inflection point talking " offer the evidence that went up to arrive late.