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How the lawsuit that return a house is small city of building of ta

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The United States second borrow the crisis to circle Liang Yinian but lingering sound not absolutely, crack oneself up " the pig is firm " Chinese room look forward to appears to did not wait come true " the liberation army " .

The tide that return a house will raid, the lawyer helps the person that buy a house hit the lawsuit that return a house in succession, each room look forward to is busy terribly defeated; Secondhand the room trades low fan, owner turns and beg next, the house investment market that rent, doleful building intermediary company borrows this to chat with solace; Countrywide building city is in be issued to lower levels, still have exception unluckily, 3 lines city is like Yichang to wait, house price still is in carry forcedly...

A variety of uneasiness and fluctuant the building city that already enveloped a fleeing army's suspicion of danger at the slightest sound. Up to in August end, empty place area already amounted to the commodity house of 130 million square metre, had dropped into what anguish can'ts bear to move restlessly it seems that nowadays period.

   The lawyer is busy beat back room lawsuit

How to when queueing up to buy a house, also think of to be able to queue up to return a house.

Regard Beijing as a lawyer of Kyoto attorney office, xu Xingan nowadays by loaded down with trivial details " return a house " lawsuit place is twined.

2007, because,the National People's Congress buying a house that looks for Xu Xingan to engage in a lawsuit is building quality problem and problem of property right card, and amount is not much, "One year also 34 " . But begin from 2008, the circumstance produced change.

January 2008, area of Beijing rising sun buys room person to install this world (alias) with Bi Jian (alias) signed a 120 square metre, total prices 1.8 million yuan secondhand house business contract, an Yang beforehand consign 100 thousand yuan deposit. But during bank loan is dealt with, countrywide house price drops the trend is clearer, in April, an Yangmeng gives birth to the intention that cancels a room. Of coincidence is, gradually the Bi Jian of bad breath of nose building city is impatient, sell another person that buy a house this house with 1.6 million yuan total prices again stealthily.

A this is Xu Xingan deal with " return a house " lawsuit. The crucial point of bilateral generation dispute depends on afraid room price drops and bringing a loss. But this just retreats a sand in Fang Chao.

According to data of net of Beijing estate buying operation, beijing estate market is in this year 1 to April, bridal chamber sale is mean monthly cancel frequency makes an appointment with 1000 above, up to on June 18 morning, project of 1439 real-estate of Beijing has remove room or countermand record.

   The true spring tide that return a house came in August.