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Shanghai holiday sells exhausted weak development business is helpl

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The building city in be in predicament was greeted " the golden week " the room is exhibited, but, in former days sell busy season this year come out " burnish " . To development business and acting sale orgnaization, "11 " holiday building city perhaps is this year of house property market " last help straw " , before the end of the year whether energy of life of new assemble person is in this with one action.

Yesterday, shanghai " holiday " the room is exhibited enter the 3rd day, house property business has begun check sale status, "Off-season " prices still makes business of a lot of development vexed. Exhibit business to divulge according to a ginseng, exhibit in the room before can kicking off, company to showing a building dish anticipating is sale rate 70% , but so far, sale rate has 30% only, far under anticipate.

   Look to be not bought only, the room is exhibited treat a customer more

The Shanghai in undertaking " holiday building city " occasion is quite hot, but regrettablly is, "Treat a customer " than " buy the home " get more much. Yesterday, shanghai " holiday building city " the lively occasion that continued a few days to come, the person that look around theres is no lack of before each exhibit a stage, business of a few development must add regular bus seeing a room, satisfy the need of the person that see a room.

The parking lot of exhibition doorway also is the car is completely suffer from, in rush hour, drive the audience that watchs a room to exhibit should await ability half hours to enter at least exhibit a house. So tall person is angry, did not pull the sale outstanding achievement that moves house property business however. In exhibit meeting site, shanghai is big China first floor dish the salesperson expresses to the reporter, exhibit meet a few days come, sale status is not quite ideal, the room source that roll out sells only went out 40% the left and right sides, the person that buy a house for the most part asked the price, saw a room, express to want to consider a consideration.

Chinese eaves real estate exhibited the previous generation to manage in this second room more than 10 buildings dish, according to this company relevant personage discloses, as a result of a lot of buildings dish exhibit in the light of the room undertook sales promotion is mixed depreciate, accordingly, the company leaves acting floor to the banner dish the room exhibits the sale on the meeting to anticipate taller, anticipate achieve 70% . But actually, the circumstance all is not like person meaning. Sale status is best is accrete city-state economy villa, exhibit in the room on clinched a deal nearly 20. In the project of 10 thousand divisions that Han Yu acts as agent, "Aureate course of development " sale status is best, already sold 60, sale rate is achieved 60% , "The four seasons spends a city " , " garden small town " sale rate is a bit low, make an appointment with 30%-50% . Divide this beyond, "Art Tai'an state " , " Xin Hongguo border " exhibit in the room go up to had not clinched a deal.