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11 golden weeks: Guangzhou building city hits price war to clinch a

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As building city " gold 9 " " silver-colored 10 " became " copper 9 " " iron 10 " , "11 " the golden week becomes Guangzhou building city's most large-scale since this year sales promotion schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, many buildings dish roll out substantially dozen lose privilege.

And hold to unidentified falling development business, also exert all over skill, add a floor dish appeal.

"6500 yuan / square metre " , this is not the price of room of Guangzhou price fixing, however of bay of Guangzhou the Milky Way decorate a level. Be as high as 20 thousand yuan / the unit price of square metre, also make it makes the foreign room with the highest total prices in weak city, come from 5 million yuan ten million yuan differ.

Concern chief introduction according to this dishes, "11 " holiday 7 days, bay of the Milky Way recieved number with 100 thousand plan room of visiting example of stream of people, become the person with scarce near future to enrage exuberant building dish. The client that has undertaken intent is registered at present exceeds 300 people. Many people had fallen to be as high as 300 thousand yuan sincerity gold. On the other hand, guangzhou dimensions the biggest, pure a person of extraordinary powers that amounts to 100 much square metre curtilage community collects Jing Xincheng (guest of new city rich, new city news, new city says) , seal in weak city dish, nevertheless its try to pass hold Asian economy forum, enlarge international famous degree, promotion building dish class, attract price susceptibility not tall bead trigonometry plute group.

And the other development business such as green city of such as Zhejiang, offer the way such as price rebate through growing the old client of trigonometry area to oneself, for the building dish open carry out to undertake warm up, also hope to widen thereby client group, avoid with the building that be the same as an area dish open dozen of price war.

But, the development business that gnash one's teeth carries the price still is minority, more development business had begun price fight hand-to-hand in outskirts grail directly. Include garden of green jade laurel, constant group of land of big real estate, gold, roll out special offer in succession in Guangzhou the eastpart part under 4000 yuan / square metre, and send luxurious the foreign room that decorate is unit, help the price of this one area directly low the level to the end of 2005.

In addition, accrete end dish with under circumjacent building dish the price of nearly 20 % sells, rich power real estate is subordinate and numerous in small family with falling continuously 90 thousand yuan privilege is rolled out, the price fixing room below division of 10 thousand divisions begins to move low price, also attracted numerous the person that see a building.

During National Day grows a holiday, constant earth is produced in the whole nation 12 cities center special offer to push carry out, share 18 buildings dish at the same time open quotation, total supply achieves 20 thousand. The concentration that measures to cooperate tremendous goods is sold, constant earth produces this to be inside countrywide limits continue to use its " open quotation needs special offer, special offer appreciates surely " sale killer mace, open quotation is subordinate that day Lou Panquan line 8.5 lose privilege.